Your Beer Friend

We’ve started a new business! It’s called Your Beer Friend and it’s dedicated to providing craft beer to people all over the US. Your Beer Friend sells craft beer subscription boxes and does virtual beer tastings for private parties and corporate groups all over the country.

Any beer tasting events that local to Los Angeles will remain under the LA Beer Hop brand. This includes brewery tours, in-person beer tasting events, and eventually, our Beer and Photo Trailer (it’s a 1955 vintage travel trailer that has six craft beer taps built into it and it’s… awesome).

Why Your Beer Friend? 

During Covid, we started sending beer subscription boxes to people and we wanted to keep it up. So, we started Your Beer Friend to make it easier for people to understand that we can cater to groups and events for anyone outside of the Los Angeles area. We all know how terrible Covid was, personally, medically, global, financially, etc… but it did force us to figure out how we can do what we do best (help people find their new favorite craft beer) on a nationwide scale.

What does Your Beer Friend do? 

Your Beer Friend sells monthly beer subscription boxes. We have two different products – The Craft Box and The 100 Box. They are different beer subscriptions that offer different types of beer.

The Craft Box focuses on new, exciting and super fresh beers that you may or may not ever be able to find again. It’s the perfect beer box for people who are looking to try the newest and most interesting beers. The beer box contains six beers and it’s always a range of styles, IPAs, Lagers, Sours, Ambers, Stouts, etc… but the styles focus on seasonality. So, while we may put a dark beer into a summertime box, it’s going to be a great dark beer to grill steaks with (for example).

The 100 Box is made up of our definitive list of The 100 Beers To Try Before You Die™. This craft beer subscription box features beers that are absolutely tried and true and have been certified to be perfect. Some of them are old school (recipes from the 1140 AD) and some of them are a bit newer (did someone say “90’s Pale Ale”?), and all of them are beers that have been established as being in the top 100 beers in the world to try before you crush your last beer. Again, this is a range of styles, but with slightly less of a focus on seasonality.

Your Beer Friend also does private virtual tastings and beer boxes for groups and corporate teams. This is a perfect way to treat your cohort to a fun online event where you’re all drinking the same tasty treats. Virtual beer tastings are a great sales tool for corporations to offer to prospective or top-tier clients. It’s also a great way for teams to get together to unwind, relax and have something fun to do.

What will happen to LA Beer Hop?

We’re going to keep growing it and Your Beer Friend together! LA Beer Hop will have a focus locally and Your Beer Friend will have a focus nationwide. More beer for everyone!