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Virtual Beer School

8 Weeks Designed to Make You a Better Beer Drinker

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Over eight weeks of live beer classes with Hal & Cindy Mooney (both Certified Cicerones®), you’ll become a master in beer. Each week, we conduct an hourlong class that focuses on a different topic about craft beer (listed below). Throughout the course, we’ll discuss all elements of the brewing process, ingredients both classic and new, understanding beer styles, craft beer trends, and how to talk about beer.

You will receive an email one week prior to each class with a short shopping list of beers/beer styles and food items to purchase for the upcoming class. The beer shopping list is crafted to highlight beer styles with Los Angeles examples and National examples, so you can participate in the class from anywhere in the world.

Feel free to include your spouse, roommate, or whoever else you’ve been quarantining with because price is per screen.


  1. Developing Your Palate & Evaluating Beer
  2. Beer Styles 1: Old World
  3. Beer Styles 2: New World
  4. Famous Beers & Breweries to Know (LA, USA, & Global)
  5. Selecting, Storing & Serving Beer
  6. Off-Flavors: How to Detect & What to Do
  7. The Art & Technique of Beer + Food Pairing
  8. History & Future of Craft Beer

Bonus Week: General Craft Beer Roundup + Catching Up if Anyone Missed a Class

Cost: $100 per participating screen for the whole series of 8 classes

What’s Included:

  • 8 weeks of class plus one bonus week to catch up if anyone missed class.
  • Beer Shopping List for each week.

Time: Two Class Times Available

Class A starts Friday, July 24th at 6:00pm (all classes on Friday at 6pm)

Class B starts Sunday, July 26th at 2:00pm (all classes on Sunday at 2pm)

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