The News in Booze – 6/28

“The Best Burger in the Country” can be found in LA – here are 12 burgers better than it, a Southern California News in Brews Roundup, the 50 Best Beers in America, and an explanation of Obamacare, because, hey, we should all know about it.


via LAist

12 Burgers Better than “The Best”

National Geographic recently named the best burgers in America, bestowing the crown upon the LA establishment The Apple Pan. Now, what business does Nat Geo have rating burgers? I’ll believe them if they tell me that a cheetah is the #1 animal, because it is. But, regardless of their qualifications, their list of the top 10 (which includes many CA natives) is causing quite a stir. LAist offers a list of LA’s 12 burgers than can easily best the burger at The Apple Pan.


via Beer of Tomorrow

The Best News in LA Brews

For a complete roundup of all that’s going on in the LA craft beer scene, come on an LA Beer Hop tour! Or check out this roundup of stories from around our fair city, including a new brew from Eagle Rock, Angel City’s return to the scene, and Golden Road’s continued expansion.


via The Homebrewers Association

The 50 Best Beers of 2012

Now, while this list is deeply lacking in LA beers, the great state of CA is highly represented. The list, which was decided by the votes of 16,000+ homebrewers, has a fairly wide variety of tastes within it, from Breakfast Stouts to the much more prevalent CA IPA.


via The Daily Beast

Explaining What Happened to Obamacare Today

This morning, 5-4 Supreme Court justices said “the US should be more like Canada”, or something to that effect, and upheld Obama’s long rallied for Affordable Healthcare Act. Romney is pissed. Obama is happy. Americans are like “what?”. So here’s a pretty good explanation of what happened today and what it means for the rest of your life.


via NY Daily News, Fox News, LAist, and Geekologie

Big Day for Booze-Fueled Lawbreakers

Annnnnnd… here’s a link to Beauty and the BEAT! because I still think it’s hilarious.