The News in Booze – 6/21

We got stories on Belgians, Michelle Pfeiffer doing something hot, Cake-eaters, and how to buy a part of Hawaii.


via LA Weekly

Top 5 Belgian IPAs

LA Weekly has a list of their top 5 Belgian IPAs. I also have a list of my top 5 Belgians: Tintin, Charlemagne, Audrey Hepburn, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Dr. Evil. All Belgian, all great. Check back in a week to see if that list changes, because I have a pretty quickly rotating list of favorite Belgians.

Pop Culture

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Watch Michelle Pfeiffer Play Beer Pong

In her most attractive public appearance since Hairspray, here is the incomparable Michelle Pfeiffer playing beer pong against Jimmy Fallon. Pfeiffer knocks it back like a boss, making the entire fraternity world stop in it’s tracks, while Jimmy just comes off as a pandering fool, so basically both celebs are doing what they do best.

Los Angeles

via LA Times

Think You’re A Cake Boss?

Think you can trump the Ace of Cakes? Put your baking to the test in this new Build-a-Cake shop on Melrose. Step in the door and you’ll be knee deep in cake mix, fondant, edible spray paint and sprinkles and on your way to cake stardom. Think of it as a Color Me Mine that you can eat.


via Bloomberg

Oracle CEO Buys Most of a Hawaiian Island

In what is clearly an effort to beat me to an item on my bucket list, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, has purchased 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai. What’s the 2% that he didn’t buy? A Pinkberry. That guy hates fro-yo.


via LA Weekly

Roundup of Newspaper Food Stories

LA Weekly has a great roundup of the best newspaper food stories from across the country. Highlights include: the significance of the soy sauce dispenser, an explanation of Greek Yogurt’s greatness, and how to fit 10,000 calories into your diet – be an olympian.