The News in Booze – 6/20

There’s a Beer Canning Craze going on, got a baby – grab a beer, food events in LA this weekend, and summer camp options for adults are some of the stories that we’ve got today.


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Summer Camp for Adults

Is it weird to go to camp as an adult? Or are you fully justified to want your own Wet Hot American Summer? However you see it, there are over 800 “adult camps” across the country. Options range from surf camps in California, to Space Camp in Alabama, to a Zombie Survival Camp in New Jersey. They should think about opening the much more realistic and much more terrifying Jersey Shore Survival Camp in New Jersey.


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The Sounds of Summer

Every Summer has a soundtrack, a few songs that you hear on every radio station, at every pool party, and beach boogey. And each song provides a nostalgic backdrop for the summer that you hear it a million times. Some Summers are filled with beach ready party tunes (1998: Venga Boys – We Like To Party) and others strike a more serious note (1987: U2 – With Or Without You). Check out the full list of the “Songs of the Summers” from 1962-2012.


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Top 5 Weekend Food Events in LA

Rib-eye steak and an Imperial IPA. Fish sticks and PBR. Captain Crunch and a Breakfast Stout. There are beer pairings for every meal, and coming up this weekend, the fine folks over at The Federal Bar are hosting a dinner to show you some of their favorites. Also coming up this weekend, The Tam O’Shanter celebrates it’s 90th anniversary in Atwater Village, KCRW has a dinner date at the beer heaven Haven Gastropub in Pasadena, Mixology101 hosts 2 cocktail classes, and the Restaurant Opportunities Center is having a happy hour for charity!


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Knocked Up? Feel Free to Knock Back a Beer

A new study by clearly alcoholic Danish scientists has found that drinking during pregnancy will not disrupt the development of your child in the womb. The study goes on to say that a few drinks per week is fine and that binge drinking won’t even do anything negative. This study adheres to the old Danish saying “you were drunk when you got pregnant, might as well stay that way while you are pregnant… amiright?”


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The Beer Canning Craze

Wall Street is taking note that Americans are back to buying beer in cans again. For a brief period in the last decade, beer was predominantly sold in bottles and on draft, but as of recent years, our preference has switched back to cans. This can be attributed to one of a few things: the hip undying affection of PBR, the realization that it’s safer to crush cans on your head than bottles, or Golden Road Brewery and their beautiful big cans.