The News in Booze – 6/19

Today we see stories of beer before liquor – sounds good to me. Beer for canines – sounds good to them. Edible fermentables. A pictorial essay of how to keep cool in the summer. Frothy foamy fizzy fun.


via The Wall Street Journal

Beer Before Liquor

The Boston Beer co. is taking part in a brave new experiment with the Berkshire Mountain Distillery to turn beer into liquor. Over the next 3 years, they are going to turn thousands of gallons of Boston Beer into craft whiskey. Over the next 3 years, I am going to turn thousands of gallons of beer into urine.


via Bowser Beer

Canine Craft Beer

Man’s best friend can now enjoy Man’s best beverage! The innovators over at Bowser Beer have created the world’s first Beer for Dogs. Is this the next step in the craft beer revolution? Not really, but it’s a funny idea. Don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic, so there’s no fear of Spot getting frisky with your leg after a few of these.


via NPR

Fermenting Food for Fun

Some people already know about the science of fermenting: brewers, wine makers, frommagiers, and prison inmates. Sandor Katz, the author of the new book The Art of Fermentation also knows a thing or two about the process. From salami to beer, Katz breaks down the breakdown and explains the system of fermentation in a book that’s sure to make your taste buds tingle in anticipation.


via Secretforts

A Picture Essay of Awesome Summers

You’ve all got plans this summer. Catching up on Breaking Bad. Reorganizing your spice cabinet. Going to Target. But if you want some ideas on how to fill your summer with cool, check out this blog. And if anyone knows where to find these remote campsites, let me know.


via BoingBoing

Self-Frothing Beer Mug

I love beer as much as the next guy, but I hate dealing with all that liquid! I wish I could just have the delicious foam on top, like a wet beer-flavored cotton candy. But it’s so hard to get the beer foamy! Not anymore. Check out this new “toy” that has been developed in Hong Kong.