The News in Booze – 6/14


via Autoblog

China Chooses Beer Fest Over First IndyCar Race

Officials in China, having double booked a date in August, chose to keep a Beer Festival over China’s first IndyCar race. Chalk it up as a Win for beer.


via Bon Appetit

Bike with Booze & Style

Bon Appetit gives us a roundup of 5 different ways to carry booze on your bicycle. Put them all together and you can carry a six-pack, a bottle of wine, a flask, a tall boy, and a growler. And you should probably be wearing a helmet.


via PopSci

Young Scientists Find Way to Chill Beer Really Quickly

It’s called the “Cooper Cooler” and it can chill a beer in 1 minute. That’s still slower than I drink them so… better keep innovating.


via NY Daily News

Beer That YOU’LL Knock Out

Rugby fans are a big demographic so the Salta beer company has devised a new marketing program to tackle that market.


via The Wall Street Journal

These Guys are Playing Hide the Pickle… in your Beer

The brewers at Dogfish Head are teaming up with local picklers, Brooklyn Brine, to create the Hop Pickle, a beer soaked pickle. The WSJ has the story in photos.