The LABH Daily – July 9

After enjoying the long, cool Southern California weekend it looks as though the heatwave is finally setting down upon us. So grab a pint, an ice chest, and turn up your AC cause we’re in for a hot, hot summer.

In case you’re following the blog looking for updates on when we are going to start offering tours, here’s your update – soon. We’re waiting on a few things until we formally launch. But stay tuned cause it’s going to happen any day now.

Today’s stories include relief that Coachella will stay in the desert, you’re guide to a sex and drug-filled Olympic games (hint: you have to be competing to participate), and two new uses for beer – slug killing and designer jean creation, and a full rundown of what all the presidents ate.


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Coachella Will Stay in Indio

For some reason, Indio councilmember Ascension ‘Sam’ Torres (real name) thought it would be a good idea to try and tax the ticketholders of the now world famous dirt and music festival that is Coachella. Bad idea. Let’s be honest, the only other thing Indio has going for it is that they’re “#3 in meth production”, so it’s not wise to try and threaten one of the biggest reason’s your desert is still a town.


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Olympic Village is Hotbed of Sexual Activity

In news that is shocking to no one, it turns out that when you gather the world’s finest athletic specimens, put them in confined spaces, and give them free time, they’ll drink alcohol and have sex with each other. These are people who have to burn 12,000 calories a day  and if evolution as taught us anything, it’s that beautiful, perfect physical specimens will mate and form more beautiful physical specimens. Now, who wants to go with me and pretend to be part of the olympic ping-pong team?


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Killing Slugs and Making Jeans with Beer

  • Here is an article about how to kill slugs in the most humane way possible – with beer, which they apparently love.
  • Here is an article about how fancy people are grinding up beer bottles to make fancy jeans.

Global Beer

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London Likes Craft Beer Too

Planning a trip overseas and worrying about finding somewhere to drink? No, because everyone knows that there is literally somewhere to drink on every street in Europe. That’s why they’re winning the war. What war? The war on sobriety. That’s a war? Yes, and America is losing, so start drinking for you country. Now you’re a damned patriot. Read this article to see what London is doing about craft beer.


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What The Presidents Ate

Well, here’s a list of all of the President’s favorite foods. It’s great. One president ate Baked Possum, many of them enjoyed chipped beef, and turtle steak shows up. Obama, Clinton and George HW Bush ate pretty well, but George W’s menu looks like it was devised by a bored second grader.