The LABH Daily – July 6

We did our first test run last night and it went off without a hitch! We took a private group of friends and family to Monkish Brewing, The Strand Brewing, and Beachwood BBQ and Brewery and each placed served up a whole bunch of beer tasters and beer talk.

Check out all the pictures on instagram by searching for #LABeerHop.

Today we have stories on fried chicken, LA Liquor stores, Steve Nash’s personal diet, an alternate all-pizza diet, and a comparison of religion and beer.


via NPR

Apparently Today is National Fried Chicken Day

If today is National Fried Chicken Day, then what the hell am I doing at work? Celebrate it by checking out NPR’s roundup of fried chicken stories, lists and links from all around the web.


via LA Weekly

10 Best Liquor Stores in LA

After publicly denouncing Angeleno’s obsession with finding the “best” things in Los Angeles, Besha Rodell, lead critic of LA Weekly, has listed the 10 Best Liquor stores in LA. Now, these are not the best beer stores, so don’t get your hopes up. I’m compiling a list slowly and as of now, my top three are Sunset Beer Co in Echo Park,  Cap-n-Cork in Los Feliz, and Select Beer Store in Redondo Beach. Comment below if you know of any other great beer markets.


via LA Weekly

Steve Nash Eats Perfectly

Steve Nash, now a Los Angeles Laker, is one of the most interesting people in sports. He’s canadian. He is relatively old. And he has publicly claimed that basketball is not his favorite sport. Now, before we adopt him as one of our own, every Angeleno is doing a background check. This has brought up the hotly discussed topic of his diet which is pretty much the most boring sounding meal plan on earth.


via LAist

Scientists Create All-Pizza Diet

Here’s a story about the most exciting meal plan of all time. “The recipe, which is being produced by the company Eat Balance, utilizes ingredients like seaweed — known for being high in iodine and B12 vitamins — and red bell pepper sauce to up the nutritional value as well as lower the sodium content.” Don’t be fooled, this is the most important science story, not whatever is going on with the Higgs-Boson.


via The Atlantic Cities

A Map of Religion vs. Beer

In a study that doesn’t really make any sense, the people over at Floating Sheep have mapped out what parts of the country like beer or church more, sort of. Here’s their description “It’s based on geo–tagged tweets referencing either in America between June 22 and 28. Blue is for beer, red is for church.”