The LABH Daily – July 2

We changed the name, because, and let’s be honest here, in the morning the biggest news in booze is the size of your hangover. Happy 4th of July week! There are events going on all over the southland with fireworks, burgers, and beers to be enjoyed. So pull up a lawn chair, and enjoy yourself as the days start to get warmer and the nights start to get hotter. 

In directly related LA Beer Hop news: Reservations are going to open up on Monday July 9th, so get your datebooks ready.


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12 Rules for Summer Drinking

Here are my 12 rules for summer drinking:

  1. Do it with beers.
  2. Do it in the sun.
  3. Do it with as many friends as possible.
  4. Do it while drinking water.
  5. Do it while barbecuing meat. Beef is preferred.
  6. Do it while playing a lazy man’s sport. Wiffle Ball is preferred.
  7. Do it while listening to summer music. Sam Cooke is preferred.
  8. Do it as close to a pool/lake/river/ocean as possible.
  9. Do it with a water balloon toss.
  10. Do it long into the evening.
  11. Do it with sparklers.
  12. Do it often.

For a more complete list of things to drink and how to drink them. Check out the article at Bon Appetit.


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Best Places in LA to Watch Fireworks

Fourth of July is coming up, and maybe your plans include going over to your Uncle’s house to watch him get drunk and light off some of those fireworks that he brought back from Mexico along with a wife and prize Marlin that he caught. But in case you don’t want to see your Uncle Steve blow his hand off and curse the country that he got the fireworks, wife and Marlin from, you should go check out one of these places that will feature a wonderful light show that will most certainly have less profanity, tears, and hospital calls.

Local Beer

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Strand Brewing is Hitting Stride

It’s no easy feat to get a brewery up and running. In a down economy. In Los Angeles. Without any money. In fact, it’s nearly impossible, and that’s why the guys at the Strand Brewery don’t recommend doing it. But after 3 years, they are turning profitable and gaining some significant tap-time at bars all across LA. Want to check out their brewery, you can read the article or you can just come on one of our Beach Cities Tours.


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Europe’s Now Drinking US Beer

After nearly single-handedly winning WWII for Europe, I didn’t think there was much else we could do for them, but apparently we can still do more. Like sell them some of the world’s best beer.


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Rage Against the Wal-Mart

Los Angeles, surprisingly, has been Wal-Mart free with only one outpost located in Crenshaw just south of the 105. However, new plans have been drafter to put one smack in the middle of the city in what is (sort of) Chinatown on the corner of Grand and Cesar Chavez. The proposal includes a 33,000 square foot, single story Wal-Mart to be built to service the needs of the people of downtown. The problem? No one wants it. On Saturday, thousands gathered, including community organize and former of Rage Against the Machine frontman, Tom Morello, to protest the Wal-Mark for unflinchingly employing cutthroat wages, terrible healthcare options, and a refusal to let employees unionize.