The LABH Daily – July 12

Looks like it’s gonna be another scorcher in Southern California today. How are we beating the heat? We sit in our bus all day long with the air conditioning set on MAX. In case you haven’t met our bus, her name is Sue, and she’s great. Check out her website.

The biggest news in Beer Hop biz is that we announced our Bill Murray Tour. It’s a beer tasting and karaoke singing tour that’s tentatively happening on Monday, August 6th. Email if you want to jump in on reservations.

Today we have stories from all over the web some of which may be questionably NSFW. Check em out.


via Uncrate

Build Your Own Waterpark

This is an inflatable waterpark that you can purchase, inflate yourself, and play on. The description offers “offers a curved bridge, a cliff, a slide, a mini-pond, long jump and high jump areas, a trampoline, a swing, a free floating catapult, an “action tower”, a ramp, a balance beam, and, of course, a podium”. I’m not sure if I’ve wanted anything more in my entire life.


via ESPN

Naked Olympians

If you’ve followed any of my earlier posts, there seems to be a fascination with the beautiful bodies of the athletes that compete in the Olympics. Today, ESPN has a series of photos depicting naked athletes. I’ll be honest, some of the photos may breach on awkward, but they are all beautiful and interesting and of people at the peak of physical perfection. For one of the more interesting additions, make sure to check out photo 20 of a jockey named Mike Smith.


via Fox News Latino

Worried About Bone Mass? Drink Beer!

Are you worried about bone mass? No, cause you’re not 88 years old and you’re not a scientist. And if you are worried about it, you should drink… heavily. Because that means you’re worrying too much. Chances are you’re also worrying about things like if you’re using the right juicer or that your multi-vitamin may not be doing as much as would you like it to. Either way, drinking beer can help create bone firmness. Drinking too much beer can lead to lack of bone firmness. You really got to find a perfect amount of beer for optimum bone firmness. See? I told you some of the stuff today was questionably NSFW.


via Gear Patrol

Eating Like Ironman

Honestly, I’m more interested in drinking like Ironman. Which consists of lots of whiskey and snarky comments. However, if you’re interested in eating like someone who is preparing for an Ironman check out this posting.

Local Events

via Bon Appetit

The LA Grub Crawl is Happening This Weekend!

Hey, LA Beer Hop, I’m looking for an event this weekend that combines all of the best food in Los Angeles with drinking and exploration. Well, I don’t know why you’re asking me, I just do beer tours, but here is my recommendation. The Bon Appetit Grub Crawl! Happening over 3 days this weekend, this culinary adventure is all about the food, some of which is the best in LA. From Coles downtown to Father’s Office, the grub crawl is offering special plates, beers, booze and an experience you’re not soon to forget. Bikini body be damned.