SAVE THE BUS Fundraiser

Hey Beer Friends,

LA Beer Hop is struggling and we would love your support.

With the help of the incredibly loving and supportive LA Beer Community, we put together this Save The Bus Fundraiser to create a Beer Guide Staff Relief Fund to support our eight Beer Guides and to help support our operations while we’re down. Cindy and I want to make sure we can bring LA Beer Hop back as strong as ever when the time is right.

We have a bunch of exciting packages including 7 levels of LA Beer Hop donations that include limited edition “Save the Bus” items along with a list of exclusive tours featuring LA breweries, wineries and cideries.

Note: LA Beer Hop merch will be created after the fundraiser and can be shipped to you (or you can pick it up on your next tour).

Second note: If you would like to just Venmo us – you can do so @labeerhop.

Here’s a bit of background (or feel free to skip down and check out the fundraiser items).

Our brewery tour business, like many other truly small businesses, doesn’t fit into a nice, clean category and so, falls into the cracks. Most of the time, this doesn’t matter. The government doesn’t ask much of us, and we don’t ask much of them, so we’re able to operate simply and efficiently and take care of our Beer Guides and our customers and our brewery partners. This is all we’ve ever wanted to do.

The downside is that during a crisis, most small businesses are still in the cracks, and so when aid comes, it ends up going to more “traditional” small businesses (like the fact that McDonald’s franchisees are the perfect candidate for PPP loans). And unfortunately, we’re not a bank or an airline (I wonder how that BrewDog airline is doing right now…), so we can’t depend on the government to bail our specific industry out.

So, we and our Beer Guides are all facing a crippling amount of “Covid Crush”. To support our guests, LA Beer Hop created a Covid-19 full refund cancellation policy, meaning that not only has our business been closed, but we’ve had a negative amount of money coming in. Additionally, the business is ineligible for the PPP loan that the SBA has created, which leaves our Beer Guides without pay. And because we paid our Beer Guides as Independent Contractors (this was at their request, to put more money in their pocket), they don’t qualify for unemployment (this includes Cindy and myself). And to top it all off, we’re also ineligible for the EIDL loan. So, we’re stuck and we could use your help.

LA Beer Hop has been an integral part of the LA beer scene for the past 8 years – introducing many people to their new favorite breweries and favorite beers. We have loved every minute we’ve spent with you, educating new craft beer drinkers about what the difference is between an ale and a lager or what makes beer sour. We’ve fought the good fight to make sure that our beer bus isn’t a “drunk bus” and is actually a positive contribution to our beer community (contrary to what the recent Netflix show Brews Brothers claims). When the bus pulls up outside a brewery, no one in the taproom groans and worries about who’s going to get out of it, or when a Beer Guide walks in through the taproom doors, the brewery taproom managers all smile and are excited to welcome them.

This is the business we’ve built and this is why it’s imperative to help LA Beer Hop out right now. We want to keep bringing you to the beer and continue to be a part of the incredible LA Beer Community.



PS. Thank you to all the breweries who donated and to Kurtis Schureman from Marrow who designed the artwork.

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