News in Booze – 6/15


via NY Daily News

China Are #1 Beer Drinkers

In news that sent shockwaves through the fraternity community, China’s beer drinking has hit recorded highs of 50 billion liters per year. When asked for a reason why they drink so heavily, the unanimous response was “because we live in China and it sucks.”


via Gizmodo

From Brewery to You & Me (video)

Gizmodo offers us a glimpse of how beer gets from a brewery to your belly. They call it delivery, I call it foreplay.


via The Denver Channel

Coors Announces New Disgusting Beer

In their continued effort to stay on the frontier of terrible tastes, Coors has announced they will begin brewing new flavors of beer including Iced Tea, Citrus, and Carmel Apple in addition to their old standby, Water-Flavored beer. In a real quote, a Coors representative said, “Innovation is the keystone of our competitive advantage.”


via London Evening Standard

London Booze Bus Prepares for Busy Night

In news that put Los Angeles’ post championship partying to shame, the London paramedics are preparing their “Booze Bus” for a busy night of picking up drunks and bringing them to a place to sleep. It’s like the British equivalent of calling your ex-girlfriend, with the same possibility of getting some action.


via Wired

9-Year Old Activist Shut Down by Politicians

A young Scottish girl started a blog, NeverSeconds, that documented her school’s daily lunch program. The popularity of the blog grew, eventually attracting major attention. Then, the school shut her down.