NEW TOUR! Pizza and Beer Tasting

We’ve got a new private beer tour that we’re ready to unleash on the public of Los Angeles: Pizza & Beer Tasting!

The tour begins when we pick your party up at the location of your choice – home, work, church, etc… from there we’ll take you into the heart of Echo Park where we will begin our gastronomic adventure through the greasy wonders of pizza and the bitter edges of beer. Here begins the 3 step process.

Step 1. Make your Pizza. We enter the Los Angeles Pizza Company where you will make your own pizza. Physically. Toss the dough, lay the sauce, pick your cheese, add some garlic, some bacon, some goat cheese, some basil, some more bacon… If you’re a bit lost, you can pick from an assortment of culinary delights they already have on their menu (we recommend the “Hawaiian Gardens”). After that, they’ll toss the pizzas in the oven and we will proceed to:

Step 2. Pick out Beers. Next door, at Sunset Beer Co. there is an innumerable amount of bottled beer to choose from and a few on tap as well, but luckily for you there’s a beer guide on hand to help you select the perfect beer pairing for your pie. Maybe you want a nice, hoppy IPA to cut through that blue cheese you threw on your zah. Or maybe a smoked ale to complement the gouda and cashew nuts that you so delicately applied. There’s no wrong choice to be made and we’ll be there to help you find the perfect beer for your palate.

Step 3. Enjoy it all. The pizzas will be served piping hot and the beers cold and fresh.

Available all week long. All Pizza & Beer included in cost. Call or Email or check out Schedule Page for availability.