Los Angeles Mug Clubs

Normally, in the words of Groucho Marx, I don’t want to be a member of any club that would admit me, but in this case, I will gladly make an exception. Here is a short, but noble list of the mug clubs of Los Angeles.

“What is a mug club?” you scream at your computer. Well, I’ll tell you.

You pay a fee to drink beer.

“But that seems silly!” you scream into the darkness. Well, allow me to explain.

In exchange for this fee, you have ownership of a special mug that stays at the bar. This chalice is only yours and will only grace your lips. You’ll also receive discounts on beer, access to special beers, and get the ultimate “this is my bar” title, which totally trumps that guy who keeps holding up an iPhone saying “I’m the mayor, I’m the mayor.” That guy sucks, and you’re awesome.

Here is a list of the mug clubs that I know of. If you know of any others, post below.

Sunset Beer Co.

This wonderful craft beer store and taproom not only has a solid beer of the month program, but they have recently adopted a Mug Club as well.

  • No corkage on bottles….ever
  • $1 OFF on all tap beers
  • Get a custom, hand-carved (<– not true) Sunset Beer Co. 17oz mug
  • Membership is limited to 60 people in the first year
  • Hear about limited release beers before everyone else does
  • Cost: $70/person – $50 to renew

Franklin & Co. Tavern

Nestled into the small but powerful Franklin Village, the relative newcomer Franklin & Company has a quickly rotating taplist that supports local brews. In addition to their beer sharing wall, which is awesome, they have a mug club, which is awesome.

The details of the club are too numerous to share on this blog (it’s like The Skulls) so here is a link –> Franklin & Co. Mug Club

Eagle Rock Brewery

Yes, the Eagle Rock Brewery. They’ve got fresh beer, interesting beer, good beer, and they give tours of their facility. And I think their logo is really great. And they always have the best food trucks outside. And we go there on our tours. Is that enough? Well they have a mug club.

  • Exclusive access to release events and access to Member areas at special events.
  • A personalized Eagle Rock Brewery stein at the brewery!
  • Use of the stein when you come to the tasting room for refills at 15% off the cost of a pint. That’s more beer for less money!
  • Your membership will also get you 15% off bottled beers, growlers, and Eagle Rock Brewery merchandise.
  • Access to exclusive Mug Club Member events such as seasonal beer release parties and private tastings.
  • Priority invitations to special beer dinners.

Rockbottom Brewery

With locations all over this country, this mug club may give you the biggest beer for your buck. The LA branch is in Downtown Long Beach, walking distance from the ocean and to the metro Blue Line. I recommend taking one of those home after having a couple of mugs, here’s a hint – it’s blue.

  • Earn rewards every time you visit us.
  • Get invitations to exclusive parties like Brewer’s Dinners, special beer tappings and other great brewery events.
  • Receive an electronic birthday card and special gift from us every year.
  • Drink from our special Mug Club mug, always waiting for you behind the bar.
  • Appreciate great beer in the company of fellow beer lovers.

Wolfcreek Brewing Company

These wonderful beer-slingers have locations in Calabasas and Santa Clarita and they have a mug club at both places. But Hal, I can’t drink in two places at once. Then try harder. Currently there is a 1 year wait at their Santa Clarita location, but the one in Calabasas is new, so the wait list is a lot shorter.

  • Initial fee is a $65.00 – Includes your mug, a “Painting Party” and the assistance of the lovely Linda Janzen to create the masterpiece.  Of course, some great appetizers and a couple of beers are included.
  • Mugs are 21 oz. and members get them filled for the pint price.
  • Members get discounts and pre-sale invitations to special events.
  • Annual “Mug Club Appreciation Month” gives weekly specials just to Mug Club Members
  • Mug Club Members look way cooler than everyone else since they are drinking out of their own personalized mug.
  • Mugs must be used at least once every three weeks to remain active.

So check out your local mug club and look for a follow up post about drinking programs. Not like AA. More like if you drink 100 Guiness in 100 days.