Huell Howser’s Beer Train to Mexico

Huell Howser passed away yesterday night and we’d like to share a tidbit of beer tourism that he shared with us many years ago. He certainly didn’t personally share it with us, but it sure felt that way.

For a bit of (old) California Gold a real enjoyable day is onbard the Tecate Ticket. Departing from Campo, CA located just outside San Diego, the train takes you into the heart of the city of Tecate. Lunch, Dinner, and of course beers, are available on this tour of the Mexican city which includes a ride to and from the town as well as an hour-long tour of the brewery itself. It truly is Gangbusters.

Unfortunately, due to a fire in one of the tunnels on the railway, the tour is currently out of commission. However, once it is back up and running it is certainly a destination for beer tourism.

Here’s to you Huell, you truly are California Gold.