Fifteen for $15

Wondering what to do for a night out in Los Angeles? Let us take you on a tour!

Have a group of friends and can’t decide on one bar to go to? Let us take you to THREE BARS! We pick you and your friends up and take you to any three bars that you like. They can be beer bars, cocktail bars, workout barres, etc… We’ll take you to three of them where you can drink, dance, laugh and drink until we take you back home at the end of the night.

What’s the Cost? If you have 15 people it’s $15 per person. If you have less than that, we’ll work out a price that works for all of us.

What Bars Can I Go To? Any three bars in a 10 mile radius from where we pick you up.

What Bars SHOULD I Go To? If you can’t decide, let us recommend some places. We have friends who give us discounts on drinks at select places. We know great places for beer, whiskey, cocktails, and tiki drinks and will make a great night for you.

How Do I Book This?? Call us at 323.928.2113 or email us at