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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about LA Beer Hop, please contact us.

Is this as great as it seems?

Yes. Yes, it is. We've combined all the best parts of a designated driver, an organized beer tasting, and a brewery.

How many people can come on a private tour?

We have a minimum of six during the week and eight people on the weekends. If your group is smaller than that, you can pay a discounted price to hit the minimum for the private tour or we can fit you on a Public Tour. We have a maximum of 150 people.

What's the largest size group you can accommodate?

We can take groups of up to 150 people.

How far in advance do you typically book up?

It depends on what day you're looking for, but if you want a Saturday tour, you're looking at about a month in advance. If you want a Wednesday morning tour, just give us a ring at 7:00am and we'll be on our way.

Is food included?

We visit at least one location during the tour that has a full menu available (pizza, BBQ, etc...), so you can definitely plan on eating with us during your tour. We do include food on our Walking Tour of DTLA - you should check it out!

Who are your beer guides?

Currently, our Beer Guides are Hal & Cindy, Matt, and Peter. Hal & Cindy started the company in 2012. Matt who joined the company in March of 2014. And Peter joined in February of 2015. We're growing slowly so we can make sure you get the best beer tasting experience possible.

What if I'm not drinking?

You're more than welcome to ride along and enjoy the sights and all the beer talk for the DD rate of $40/person.

How much time do we spend at each place?

About 45 minutes to an hour depending upon the schedule.

Can we order beer at each location?

Of course. With your ticket, you receive a flight of beer at each location (four 5 ounce pours), which actually adds up surprisingly quickly. But, you're welcome to engage in extra credit during our time at each stop.

How do you select which places you go to?

We like to select three breweries that get the best mix of tastes and approaches to brewing so you're not getting all hoppy or Belgian beers the whole time. We also choose them based on minimizing time in the bus and maximizing time in the breweries.

Can I choose which breweries we go to?

Absolutely! If you have requests, let us know in advance and we can definitely work it out.

What areas do you pickup from?

We can pickup West of the 605 and South of the 118. In the valley we can pickup East of the 405. For breweries, we visit the areas of the breweries that are closest to your pickup location - i.e. DTLA or the South Bay. If you want to visit a group of breweries across town, let us know ahead of time and we'll arrange transportation. Here's a link for a map and our policies: http://labeerhop.com/pickup-area-policies/

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes. All the breweries we visit are wheelchair accessible and we have wheelchair accessible vehicles upon request.

How good are your Beer Guides?

Hal and Cindy are both Certified Cicerones® and the rest of our guides are uncertified beer experts and eager to share tons of interesting craft beer information with you. Ask us about styles, ingredients, tasting notes, processes, historical examples, pairing, serving and tasting or anything else beer-related. You'll see how excited we are to talk your ear off.

What's your favorite beer?

Cindy: Anything sour or hoppy. Locally, I love Wow Pop from Smog City and All Your Oat from Eagle Rock. And outside of LA, the first time I had Peche'n'Brett from Logsdon was at a Women's Beer Forum at Eagle Rock Brewery and it blew my mind. That was my favorite beer for a while, but you never know, that may change by tonight.

Hal: I crave tart beers but my favorite all-time beer is the dry-hopped version of Saison Dupont. Locally, I love everything from Macleod in Van Nuys to Beachwood in Long Beach. I'm also super excited about what's going to come out of everyone's barrel programs in the coming years. What's in my fridge? A half dozen Monkish beers, a few things I'm holding for a special occasion, and DBA from Firestone Walker.

Matt: I'm open to everything and excited about all of it. Locally, I love the Udder Love from Beachwood, I've been absolutely in love with that beer since the first time I had it while doing some Beer Guide training. I've also been bowled over by stuff from Highland Park, but who isn't. My fridge is full of Mumford. Love those.

Peter: My current favorite is the Kumquat Saison from Smog City. It won a Silver Medal at GABF in 2015 and if you ask me, it should have won gold. But really, it has so much going on in both aroma and taste - lots of fruit, with tart kumquat and bright citrus flavors. The kumquats are such a unique flavor that it just really stands out to me. Not to mention it's made with super-sustainable fruit from the Food Forward program. Overall, I'm just excited to see new breweries popping up all over LA with each one bringing something different to the game.

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