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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about LA Beer Hop, please contact us.

What's a virtual beer tasting?

We send beer tasting kits to all virtual beer tasting attendees, then we all jump on a Zoom (or Teams, or Meet, or Webex) and taste beer together!

Is this for corporate groups?

Yes, pretty much. We almost exclusively do tastings for corporate groups and non-profits. But if you're a real human person and want to drink beer with us, you should join our Monthly Beer Club! Visit yourbeerfriend.com/monthly.

What if I'm not a corporate group?

That's great! You're a real human who wants to drink with us. Join our Monthly Beer Club at yourbeerfriend.com/monthly. We'll send you beer and you can join our public virtual tasting once a month on the second friday of the month.

Where do you ship?

It depends on what day you're looking for, but if you want a Saturday tour, you're looking at about a month in advance. If you want a Wednesday morning tour, just give us a ring at 7:00am and we'll be on our way.

What's included in the beer kits?

• 4-6 Beers (constantly rotating selections based on seasonality and what's fresh).
• Your Beer Friend Tasting glass
• Beer Tasting Cards
• Beer Snack
• Virtual Guided Tasting with a Certified Cicerone® (a Cicerone® is like a Sommelier for beer).

Is there a minimum?

Yes, there's a 10 package ($800) minimum for private tastings.

What about NA or Gluten Free attendees?

We have non-alcoholic and gluten free packages available for any attendees who prefer those options! And honestly, they're just as delicious as our beer packages.

What about.... Canada?

We can do that! We have a partner in Canada that can ship packages to attendees (based on availability - requires two week lead time).

Can we request beers?

Of course! We're really good at beer, but if you have any styles that you want to focus on (for instance, you want to do a "Summer Crushers" tasting with all Summer beers, or maybe an all IPAs tasting if you're a financial services company and want to do an "IPOs and IPAs" tasting.

When can we schedule it?

Anytime. Literally. We have nothing else to do besides drink beer with you.

How good are your Beer Guides?

To be humble about it.. we're really good at our job.

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