Craft Beer Subscription Box FAQ

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What's in the Box??

Six fresh beers! A selection of independent craft beer hand-picked by Hal & Cindy. It's a seasonal blend of all styles, so expect a nice, diverse range of exciting beer.

Can I add any beers to the box?

Yes! We have three different "Add-Ons":
• IPA Lovers
• Sour Heads
• Alt-Beverage Oddballs
Each "Add-On" will supplement your beer box with two beers from that style.

When is the beer delivered?

All craft beer boxes are delivered at the beginning of the month. You'll be notified via email each month when to expect your package. If you're not going to be around during our delivery day, you can either let us know when a better time would be or you can come pick it up from our secret warehouse.

Can I skip a month?

Anytime. Just email us at, and we'll skip that month for you.

Can I cancel whenever I want to?

Yes, ma'am! Cancel anytime. This is America, you can drink beer anytime you want to on your schedule.

Is the beer box different each month?

Of course! Each month, we choose fresh, new, exciting, seasonal and rare beers from our favorite breweries both local and from the farthest reaches of humanity.

Is it only LA area beer in the box?

Nope. While we do adore our local LA breweries, these boxes have the best, most interesting, delicious and sometimes rare beers from all over.

Can I buy this as a gift?

Please do! It's a great gift for any beer-lover in your life and it's a safer bet than the "Jelly-of-the-Month" club.

When is the live tasting?

Cindy and Hal go live on the second Friday of every month at 6pm.

Do you have to drink all of the beer during the live tasting?

You're more than welcome to drink all six beers (or any beer from the add-on packages) during the live tasting, but you're also welcome to just drink one beer, one glass of wine, a glass of water, or a big bowl of milk. Drink whatever you like!

What are your TERMS OF SERVICE?

Thanks for asking. Here's a link to the full TERMS OF SERVICE which outlines everything in greater detail.

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