Crawl for Nepal

Of course you want to help Nepal, you’re a good person who does good things for people, but you also want to enjoy your Saturday.  So the craft beer community of Los Angeles and Orange County is going to help you help others by hosting “Crawl 4 Nepal” an all-day multi-brewery event with proceeds going to Nepal. Here are the details:

Nick Gingold (of CA Brewmasters) and Kelly Erickson (of Girls Who Like Beer) are organizing a drinking fundraiser on Saturday, May 9th to benefit Nepal. A bunch of breweries (the list is still growing) are going to select one beer and donate 100% of proceeds from that beer all day long. So far here’s the list of breweries:

Tony’s Darts Away
Mohawk Bend
Golden Road Brewing
Eagle Rock Brewing Co
The Rookery Ale House
Ritual Brewing Co
Sunset Beer Co
Bread & Barley
Sanctum Brewing Co.
Three Weavers
Barley Forge
Cismontane Brewing

Check their Facebook Page for updates on more participating breweries. You can bet you’ll see our buses at Three Weavers, Sunset Beer Co, Eagle Rock and Golden Road.

All you have to do is go to any of those breweries on Saturday, May 9th and drink. If you don’t want to do that (which is crazy) you can just go directly to their website and donate there. They will be donating the money to GlobalGiving and here’s their link.

Beer and Jam Pairing Event!

You know beer pairs with pizza, burgers, and baseball, but what you don’t know is how well beer pairs with jams, jellies, and mustards. On May 25th, you can come find out exactly how delicious those pairings can be at our Jam and Beer Pairing.

What’s the Event?

We’ll be doing the normal Beach Cities Beer Hop, which visits Smog City Brewery, Monkish Brewing, and Strand Brewing Co, but at Monkish we’ll be doing a featured beer and food pairing with M. Greenwood Jams.

What’s the beer?

Monkish is an entirely Belgian inspired brewery with some of the most delightful and creative beers you can imagine. A single with elderflower, a tripel with pistachios and vanilla, a single-hopped galaxy beer, and a dubbel with sichuan peppercorns are but a few of the offerings made by brewer and owner Henry Nguyen.

What’s the jam?

We’re talking fig, meyer lemon ginger, apple butter, craft beer mustards, strawberry, strawberry-balsamic, summerberry, lime, and just about everything else that you ever wanted to spread on toast. 

Anything else?

Sure. There will be some cheese, bread, crackers, nuts and pretzels to even further highlight the jam and beer.


It’s delicious, don’t overthink it. We’ll have some suggested pairings but you’ll be free to pair your own and pave your own culinary destiny.

How much does it cost?

It costs the same as any other public tour – $65. It includes visits to three locations, a flight of beer at each location, bottled waters, knowledgeable beer guide, all jam tastings, and fond memories.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Right on our Public Tour Schedule.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

New $50 Friday Tours!

A lot can happen between Thursday and Saturday… Friday. Our new $50 Friday Night Beer Hop has all of the same beer of our Sunday tours but with all of the fun of falling on Pay Day.

How do they work?

  • Good Question. We meet you at a given location and head off for 3 different craft breweries where you will meet people, talk beer, and drink delicious craft beer.

What’s included?

  • Even better question. A brewery walkthrough of at least one of the locations, bottled water, personal beer guide, and a flight of fresh beer at each location.

Why shouldn’t I do this?

  • There is no earthly reason not to grab a few buddies and come out on a Friday night to enjoy craft beer and some new people.

Why is it less expensive?

  • Why are you worrying about that? It’s less expensive than our other tours because it is – simple as that.

Any questions? Email us at or give us a call at 323-928-2113. 

Next Stop… The Brewery at Abigaile!

We’re adding a new brewery to our roster of stops in the South Bay. It’s called Abigaile and they’ve got a former Stone brewer working for them. Thirsty yet?

As we gather our bearings in these first few weeks of doing public tours, we’ve gotten a lot of good press and also a lot of “what exactly do you do?”, either way, our name is getting out there and businesses are starting to notice.

One such business, Abigaile has opened their doors to us. The owner, Jed Sanford, has created a hip hop-haven in Hermosa Beach that serves a list of deliciously handcrafted beers as well as equally delicious handcrafted foods. They’ll be added as a potential stop on our “Beach Cities” tour and as an option for all Private Tours. We’ll set up a tasting of all of their beers (listed below) and have an option for food as well. We’re looking forward to it and we hope you are too.

  • american white ale (orange peel, coriander, wheat, rice) abv 4.7
  • full nelson xpa (dry-hopped w/ new zealand nelson sauvin hops ) abv 6.5
  • rye ipa (amarillo, galaxy, 7C’s, cascade dry hop) abv 7.7
  • red ale (german and belgian specialty malts) abv 7
  • bourbon vanilla porter (brown sugar, vanilla beans, charred oak) abv 8

The LABH Daily – July 2

We changed the name, because, and let’s be honest here, in the morning the biggest news in booze is the size of your hangover. Happy 4th of July week! There are events going on all over the southland with fireworks, burgers, and beers to be enjoyed. So pull up a lawn chair, and enjoy yourself as the days start to get warmer and the nights start to get hotter. 

In directly related LA Beer Hop news: Reservations are going to open up on Monday July 9th, so get your datebooks ready.


via Bon Appetit

12 Rules for Summer Drinking

Here are my 12 rules for summer drinking:

  1. Do it with beers.
  2. Do it in the sun.
  3. Do it with as many friends as possible.
  4. Do it while drinking water.
  5. Do it while barbecuing meat. Beef is preferred.
  6. Do it while playing a lazy man’s sport. Wiffle Ball is preferred.
  7. Do it while listening to summer music. Sam Cooke is preferred.
  8. Do it as close to a pool/lake/river/ocean as possible.
  9. Do it with a water balloon toss.
  10. Do it long into the evening.
  11. Do it with sparklers.
  12. Do it often.

For a more complete list of things to drink and how to drink them. Check out the article at Bon Appetit.


via Los Angeles Magazine

Best Places in LA to Watch Fireworks

Fourth of July is coming up, and maybe your plans include going over to your Uncle’s house to watch him get drunk and light off some of those fireworks that he brought back from Mexico along with a wife and prize Marlin that he caught. But in case you don’t want to see your Uncle Steve blow his hand off and curse the country that he got the fireworks, wife and Marlin from, you should go check out one of these places that will feature a wonderful light show that will most certainly have less profanity, tears, and hospital calls.

Local Beer

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Strand Brewing is Hitting Stride

It’s no easy feat to get a brewery up and running. In a down economy. In Los Angeles. Without any money. In fact, it’s nearly impossible, and that’s why the guys at the Strand Brewery don’t recommend doing it. But after 3 years, they are turning profitable and gaining some significant tap-time at bars all across LA. Want to check out their brewery, you can read the article or you can just come on one of our Beach Cities Tours.


via PRI

Europe’s Now Drinking US Beer

After nearly single-handedly winning WWII for Europe, I didn’t think there was much else we could do for them, but apparently we can still do more. Like sell them some of the world’s best beer.


via LA Times

Rage Against the Wal-Mart

Los Angeles, surprisingly, has been Wal-Mart free with only one outpost located in Crenshaw just south of the 105. However, new plans have been drafter to put one smack in the middle of the city in what is (sort of) Chinatown on the corner of Grand and Cesar Chavez. The proposal includes a 33,000 square foot, single story Wal-Mart to be built to service the needs of the people of downtown. The problem? No one wants it. On Saturday, thousands gathered, including community organize and former of Rage Against the Machine frontman, Tom Morello, to protest the Wal-Mark for unflinchingly employing cutthroat wages, terrible healthcare options, and a refusal to let employees unionize.

Best Beer Patios in LA

Want to soak up some rays along with your local craft suds? In honor of the arrival of summer, here’s a short list of the best beer drinking patios in Los Angeles.

The Pub at Golden Road

Besides having a lengthy list of beers brewed onsite, The Pub at Golden Road has a large, and very dog friendly, patio. Located in Glendale, right in the South-East corner of where the 134 and the 5 meet, the entire Golden Road Complex takes up three brightly colored warehouses, one of which is The Pub. Inside, you’ll find a delicious rotating lunch menu (keep your eyes peeled for the Tuna Melt) as well as a rotating guest tap, both of which are curated perfectly. They’ve got a Berliner Weisse on tap right now that pairs perfectly with sunshine.

Click here for map


Nestled in a residential neighborhood in Glassel Park, Verdugo is a beer bar held to the highest standards. The beer list is expertly crafted with options for every taste and a constant list of kegs on deck that will keep you coming back. Pass through the dark booth-lined interior and you’ll enter a spacious patio lined with benches, tables, and merriment. Verdugo is constantly hosting events, food trucks, and live music, for instance “Glassware Mondays” where you get a beer and you keep the glass it comes in. Check their event page for more info.

Click here for map

Red Lion Tavern

The Eastside is full of chic patios to nibble and sip at while watching a parade of pretty people discuss the merits of Animal Collective, for something of a completely different pace, check out the biergarten at the Red Lion Tavern. Here you’ll find sausages, cheeses, big beers and waitresses in lederhosen. Beer selection is entirely German, as is the food, but it’s all good and plentiful. There are two dim interior levels suited for more intimate discussions, but head to the patio to talk advantage of the revelry and the beer garden menu.

Click here for map

Cat and Fiddle

Hollywood is filled with crowds or short skirts, camera toting tourists, “free personality & stress tests”, and other things that are generally necessary to avoid. However, in the middle of all this madness sits the Cat and Fiddle, a british pub with a patio that serves as a welcome respite from the throngs of the entertainment capital of the world. Their beer selection is meager, but they have recently adopted a rotating local tap. Other than that, they have standard pub fare, including Shepherd’s Pie and a surprisingly dynamite Mac and Cheese. Their patio is laden with charm-inducing bistro lights making it an almost date-friendly evening spot.

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Beachwood BBQ & Brewing 

Long Beach, understanding the value of a table in the sun, is filled with patios and outdoor seating options (including boats), but for fun in the sun on land you should head down to Beachwood BBQ & Brewing. Not to be confused with their location in Seal Beach, the Long Beach extension of Beachwood has ample patio space and is Metro Blue Line adjacent (a perk that is taken advantage of few, let’s be honest). Beachwood has their own, delicious list of beers as well as a curated beer list with items on tap, on cask, and ultimately on point. Want to do the shortest patio beer hop of all time? Walk down to Congregation Ale House after chowing down on some delicious BBQ at Beachwood. It’s worth the 30 second walk.

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For one thing, this Westside institution has 2 for 1 drink deals on Tuesday’s, combine that with a patio and it makes Renee’s a sweet deal. The interior? Odd, to say the least. Maze-like with aspects of haunted doll-house, is one way to describe it. Dive bar is another way. Renne’s is a great place to people watch and generally hang out. Beer options aren’t great, but the atmosphere are food make up for it.

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Father’s Office Culver City

They don’t take reservations, it’s often a fight to the teeth for seating, and it gets crowded early, but damn it if Father’s Office in Culver City isn’t one of the best pub’s in the city. This decades old establishment has two locations (the original is in Santa Monica) but only the Culver spot has a long corridor of benches and tables that lets you enjoy your burger, beer and sweet potato fries in the sun. If you happen to arrive during a rush hour (which you likely will) go to the bar, get a beer, and stake out a table. And when one opens up, hold your ground cause open seats get swooped up faster than a miniskirt at a frat party.

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Prince of Whales / The Shack

Am I a sucker for these divey Playa Del Rey beachside bars? Absolutely. Prince of Whales and The Shack have greasy bar food, cheery bartenders, dedicated locals, college kids, karaoke (POWs: Tue, Thur, & Sun – The Shack: Wed & Fri), trivia, and are walking distance to the beach, and I saw George Wendt from Cheers there. They’re both all-around great places with patios and beers for everyone. While they aren’t heavy on craft beer, you can get your fix at The Tripel, which is conveniently located between the two seaside establishments.

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Rock & Brews

Most things in El Segundo are a stone’s throw from the beach, but none have a patio and taplist equal to that of Rock and Brews. Tons of space and community style seating makes this watering hole a perfect place for groups looking for burgers and beers. The atmosphere is… rockin’ with loud music and people laughing away the fact that they’re all the way in El Segundo.

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