Cheese & Beer Pairing! – October 5th

Beer & Cheese share an incredible amount of similarities. They both have flavor profiles like tangy, funky, musty, nutty and earthy. They’re both made using historic methods employing microflora to do a lot of the heavy lifting. And most notably, there is a massive gap between what’s readily available to the public and “The Good Stuff”. On October 5th we’re going to take you on a special Food & Beer Hop where we’re going to examine exactly what the good stuff is in both cheese and beer and how they can work together to make mind-blowing pairings.

There is a cheese made by Chimay (those Beer & Cheese making Monks have the best job) and a Hereford Hop cheese that’s encrusted in toasted hops and those will pair incredibly naturally with beers. But how about a Humboldt Fog with a Saison Dupont to complement both the creamy nature of the cheese and the light spice, fruit and grass notes of the beer.


Or some local fresh burrata paired with the amazingly tart and crisp Hottenroth from The Bruery to bring out it’s natural fruit flavors of green apple and lemon? Maybe we’ll bring out Smog City’s Coffee Porter with notes of rich espresso, dark chocolate and coffee to pair with a Bleu Cheese. Or get really funky and pair Mimolette, a cheese that achieves its flavor from aging with “cheese-mites” with a St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition which gets it’s flavors from aging with equally strange wild yeast and bacteria. It’s gonna get weird folks, so come prepared to dive into the deep end with us and learn something along with way. 

The Cheese & Beer Pairing is hosted by Hal Mooney of the LA Beer Hop and John Verive, a cheese enthusiast, beer writer for the LA Times and Beer Paper LA, a Certified Cicerone and a general man about town. The tour is on Sunday, October 5th and will include beer and cheese along the way. We’ll be visiting Sunset Beer Company, Surly Goat and finishing off at Beer Belly where you’ll be able to purchase a cheese inspired dinner if all of the cheese, bread and beer that we give you isn’t enough. Tickets are available on our website on our SCHEDULE.

See you soon!

PS. If you’re a woman and this kind of thing interests you, check out the Women’s Beer Forum at Eagle Rock Brewery on September 17th. They’re doing a class on Cheese & Beer pairing and it’ll be great. I’d be there, except I’m not a woman, but you’ll probably see Cindy Mooney there.

PPS. Due to Cindy and my ability to consume cheese rapidly, the cover photo of the Lucerne Mexican Cheese was the only cheese I had in my fridge at the time of posting.

NEW TOUR! Pizza and Beer Tasting

We’ve got a new private beer tour that we’re ready to unleash on the public of Los Angeles: Pizza & Beer Tasting!

The tour begins when we pick your party up at the location of your choice – home, work, church, etc… from there we’ll take you into the heart of Echo Park where we will begin our gastronomic adventure through the greasy wonders of pizza and the bitter edges of beer. Here begins the 3 step process.

Step 1. Make your Pizza. We enter the Los Angeles Pizza Company where you will make your own pizza. Physically. Toss the dough, lay the sauce, pick your cheese, add some garlic, some bacon, some goat cheese, some basil, some more bacon… If you’re a bit lost, you can pick from an assortment of culinary delights they already have on their menu (we recommend the “Hawaiian Gardens”). After that, they’ll toss the pizzas in the oven and we will proceed to:

Step 2. Pick out Beers. Next door, at Sunset Beer Co. there is an innumerable amount of bottled beer to choose from and a few on tap as well, but luckily for you there’s a beer guide on hand to help you select the perfect beer pairing for your pie. Maybe you want a nice, hoppy IPA to cut through that blue cheese you threw on your zah. Or maybe a smoked ale to complement the gouda and cashew nuts that you so delicately applied. There’s no wrong choice to be made and we’ll be there to help you find the perfect beer for your palate.

Step 3. Enjoy it all. The pizzas will be served piping hot and the beers cold and fresh.

Available all week long. All Pizza & Beer included in cost. Call or Email or check out Schedule Page for availability.

What’s On Tap – Week of 6/18

Monday – June 18

Taps Fish House & Brewery @ Far Bar LA

Downtown LA’s best alley-way beer bar is hosting Taps Fish House for a night of five taps including Remy w/Balinese Coffee (Espresso infused Bourbon-Barrel Aged Stout), Taps Double IPA, Obscura (Euro Dark Lager), Crystal Pils and Cream Ale.

Click here for [map]

Tuesday – June 19

Surf Brewery @ Tony’s Darts Away

The Ventura County, CA institution is making an appearance at Tony’s DA on Tuesday serving up Mondo’s Cream Ale, Surf Black IPA, County Line Rye Pale Ale, Shaka XPA, Anniversary Imperial Brown, and their Strawberry Wheat.

Click here for [map]

Wednesday – June 20

Get Canned Night at Blue Palms Brewhouse

Every Wednesday night is half off of all canned craft beer, so go join them at this Hollywood haven and drink, drink and be merry.

Click here for [map]

Thursday – June 21

Firestone Anniversary Vertical Flight at Sunset Beer Co.

The Echo Park beer store/tasting room/bar is hosting two flights of Firestone brews as well as serving their 2012 Parabola on tap. Check out the Facebook page for details about what the flights are.

Click here for [map]

Friday – June 22

Brouwerij West Takeover @ Buzz Wine Beer Shop

Not many details have emerged for this Downtown LA beer event, but stay tuned.

Click here for [map]

Saturday – June 23

Currywurst is Having a Sausage-Fest

From 11am-9pm on Saturday, the mid-city sausage slinger, Currywurst is throwing a Sommer-fest of sausages. The first 100 people who show up and follow them on twitter will receive free sausages.

Click here for [map]

Sunday – June 24

BBQ and Hangar 24 Party at Golden Gopher

From 1-4pm on Saturday Downtown LA is having a summer party at the Golden Gopher and it’s hosted by Hangar 24! What’s so special about it? There’s free BBQ. It’s like attending a family reunion, but with better beer and fewer explanations about why you’re still living at home.

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Pizza & Beer – Just Not in the Same Place

Pizza and beer.

They’re as good a pair as peanut butter and jelly. Fish and chips. Gorgonzola and frosted flakes.

Now, there’s one more option in Echo Park to experience that heavenly pairing. The Los Angeles Pizza Company location in Echo Park is now open to the public and offering one half of that immortal combo. Serving up Vegan pies as well as fancy options the LA Pizza Co. has something for everyone such as a pizza called the Buenos Aires, which consists of Chimmichurri sauce, Mozzarella, Argentinean Sausage, Mushroom, and Fresh Basil.

With all of those pizza options, and no liquor license, what do you do for beer?

Well, the good news is you can bring that pizza next door to the conveniently placed Sunset Beer Company, which has an incredible amount of craft brews in bottles and 12 on rotating taps. The Sunset Beer Co. has a freewheeling policy of BYO-Food, so grab a sizzling slice, roll on over next door and enjoy one more way Echo Park does pizza & beer.

Los Angeles Pizza Company - Echo Park
Los Angeles Pizza Company – Echo Park
Echo Park
Echo Park