We’re Doing a Burgers + Beer Tour with DineLA & Burger Trek

LA Beer Hop x dineL.A. Burger Trek

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Burgers + Beer… together… forever. In celebration of dineL.A. Burger Trek, dineL.A. and LA Beer Hop are offering an exclusive tour that gives participants the unique ability to chow on burgers from three dineL.A. Burger Trek locations expertly paired with beer by a Certified Cicerone®

What’s included: you’ll visit three top burger destinations around DTLA and includes 1/2 a burger, sides, and beer at each destination, along with bottled water and a professional Burger/Beer Guide. The entire event takes about four hours.

Where are We Going: Badmaash for the Spiced Lamb Burger, Fundamental LA for a restaurant burger, and Everson Royce Bar for the smash burger.

Date: Sunday, May 19th

Time: 12:00pm

Location: Tour departs from Union Station

Tickets: $99/person

dineL.A. Burger Trek celebrates Los Angeles’s diverse burger scene by highlighting 32 locations and the must-order item at each spot. For more information and to access the ever-green guide, visit dineLABurgerTrek.com.

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Beginning on Friday, August 3rd LA Beer Hop will be doing tours of the DTLA breweries during happy hour.

Every Friday night from 5pm-8:30pm we will be touring the breweries around Downtown Los Angeles. Beer tastings included. Fun included. Beautiful sunset pending availability.

The tour visits three breweries and includes a flight of beer at each place, bottled water, and as much beer info as you like. The entire event takes about four to five hours and the ticket is $69/person. Dinner will be available during each tour.

Tickets available online and are limited to 15 seats per Friday.

LA Beer Hop is also available for private and corporate tours on any Friday.

Breweries include: Mumford • Indie • Dry River • Arts District • Highland Park Chinatown • Boomtown • Modern Times DTLA • with special guest The Spirit Guild

New Brewery Alert – Boomtown Brewery

Okay, so they’re not new. But their hours are. Boomtown Brewery recently launched new hours for their Arts District taproom and you should probably go this weekend.

Samuel “Chewy” Chawinga, their brewmaster, has been busy brewing for the past two years. Developing all number of styles from a belgian white, to a blended pale, to the requisite slew of IPAs, but for various reasons, their taproom has only been open to the public on sporadic occasions. A few Friday nights here, a few specialty events there, but never a consistent schedule for you to be able to pop in for a pint. Until now. Their new taproom hours are:

Boomtown Brewery:

Thursday – 5pm to 12am
Friday – 5pm to 1am
Saturday – 12pm to 1am
Sunday – 12pm to 12am

Make your plans for this weekend. Feel free to bring all your beer-drinking friends because their taproom has plenty of space for you to run around like drunken children playing cornhole, velcro-darts, and the board games they have on hand.

Food trucks are usually present and if they’re not, don’t sweat it, Boomtown is walking distance from Arts District (which has a full restaurant attached) and Angel City, which has foodtrucks all-day, everyday (in fact, here’s a link to the foodtruck schedule at Angel City).

Look out for Boomtown to be joining our East & Central public tour soon.

Boomtown Brewery
Boomtown is gonna blow your mind.



P.S. We’re doing a DTLA Brewery Hop on Hop Off Bus this weekend on Sunday 9/25. We have two buses running consistently around the six Downtown LA brewery taprooms – Mumford, Angel City, Boomtown, Arts District, Indie Brew Co (where they will be pouring Dry River Beers) and Iron Triangle. Buses run from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. And did we mention it’s free? Yup, it’s free.


New Brewery Alert – Indie Brewing Company

You may have seen their beer on shelves, you may have even tasted it, but when you visit their taproom, that’s when you really get to know Indie Brewing Company. Because to know Indie is to know the four guys who run the place: Kevin, James, Morgan and Connor. They’re the brewers, taproom attendants, salesmen, interior designers, tap-handle fabricators, and janitors for this new brewery in DTLA.

It’s technically Boyle Heights, but you could easily say that their taproom is in Downtown LA or even The Arts District. The building, which they share with a handful of apparel companies, is located just off E. 7th Street conveniently close to Iron Triangle Brewing. In fact, while we may not recommend doing it alone, a brisk walk from one brewery to the next wouldn’t be the worst idea.

The interior of the space feels like it was curated by four guys who work in beer for a living. Hand-made picnic tables, jockey boxes, beer cans, corn hole and a couple of futons. Imagine the cleanest version of a frat house with the best beer selection.

Your beer will be poured for you by one of the four owners who are more than eager to chat about what’s in their Superfood Saison (blackberries, goji berries, acai & pitaya) or what hops are in their IPA Del Rey (Citra and Equinox).

So after chatting with the owners, sitting in one of their futons, sipping their beer and hanging out in their space you’ll begin to fully understand Indie Brewing Company and all that goes into craft beer.

Your only chance to visit their taproom is on Friday evenings from 5-10pm, but that will change to more regular brewery hours once they get a few details ironed out. Keep watch on our website for Indie to start being featured on our East & Central LA brewery tour or on any of our private tours.

Indie Brewing Company the new brewery in LA
IPA Del Rey at Indie Brewing Company

Friday Tours

We’ve added Friday public tours to our calendar! We’ve added Friday public tours to our calendar! South Bay, East & Central and Long Beach all starting at 6:00pm. That gives you just long enough for you to get off of work and come join us at one of our meeting locations – El Segundo Metro, Union Station or Downtown Long Beach on 3rd.

Thirsty? All beer tasters are included at the three locations we visit.

Hungry? At least one of the locations we’ll be visiting will be serving food.

Traffic? Don’t sweat it. Our itinerary avoids traffic, we promise. And you’re not driving anyway.

Come join us to make new friends, meet new beers, and have a great time on our Friday evening tours.

New Brewery Alert – Mumford

And so it begins, the great transformation of Downtown LA into a walkable wonderland of craft beer destinations, with the advent of Mumford Brewing in the Arts District. The best part? They’re making good beer.

Located in “Skid Rowkyo” – the part of Downtown that’s smack in the middle between Skid Row and Little Tokyo – Mumford Brewing had their grand opening last weekend. Opened by brothers Todd and Peter Mumford along with Todd’s wife Tien, this small team has built everything great about a craft beer haven. Good beer. Family friendly. Local art. And food delivered from the Escondite next door.

Right now, they’re open Saturdays and Sundays, but are rolling out more and more hours as the Summer burns on.

Our favorite: Black Mamba – their flagship black ale that has all the right roasted and cocoa moves of a dark beer with the drinkability of something significantly lighter. Although, their Experimental IPA #1 has some depth and complexity that’s miles ahead of average for a young brewery. 

Coming soon to DTLA will be Boomtown Brewing, Iron Triangle, Indie Brew Co, Arts District Brewing and Dry River Brewing. It’s gonna be a big year. And once they’re all open, you better believe we’ll be organizing walking tours of Downtown. Look forward to it. 

Crawl for Nepal

Of course you want to help Nepal, you’re a good person who does good things for people, but you also want to enjoy your Saturday.  So the craft beer community of Los Angeles and Orange County is going to help you help others by hosting “Crawl 4 Nepal” an all-day multi-brewery event with proceeds going to Nepal. Here are the details:

Nick Gingold (of CA Brewmasters) and Kelly Erickson (of Girls Who Like Beer) are organizing a drinking fundraiser on Saturday, May 9th to benefit Nepal. A bunch of breweries (the list is still growing) are going to select one beer and donate 100% of proceeds from that beer all day long. So far here’s the list of breweries:

Tony’s Darts Away
Mohawk Bend
Golden Road Brewing
Eagle Rock Brewing Co
The Rookery Ale House
Ritual Brewing Co
Sunset Beer Co
Bread & Barley
Sanctum Brewing Co.
Three Weavers
Barley Forge
Cismontane Brewing

Check their Facebook Page for updates on more participating breweries. You can bet you’ll see our buses at Three Weavers, Sunset Beer Co, Eagle Rock and Golden Road.

All you have to do is go to any of those breweries on Saturday, May 9th and drink. If you don’t want to do that (which is crazy) you can just go directly to their website and donate there. They will be donating the money to GlobalGiving and here’s their link.

Your Invitation to the Pants Party

Don’t act like you’re not impressed. We’re doing a Ron Burgundy tour this Saturday night and it’s taking you to pleasure town.

Sponsored by Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and Paramount Pictures, we’re going to have a hell of a night this Saturday on our East & Central Public Tour.

If you come join the tour you’ll get free t-shirts, mustaches, posters and a whole lot of beer tasters. We will be going to Angel City, Eagle Rock Brewery and Golden Road Brewery. The tour includes visits to those three locations, a brewery walkthrough, and all beer tasters. Pickup will be at Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles at 7:00pm.

On top of all of that we will be giving two lucky guests VIP Tickets to an early screening of the film!

So hop on down to the Pants Store, slap on your finest suit, and kick the vermouth to the side with a bair of steel-toed boots cause it’s gonna be a big night.

– Stay Classy Los Angeles

The LABH Daily – July 10

In tour news, we have added the Select Beer Store in Redondo Beach to our list of stops on the Beach Cities tour. What are we going there for? Ahh, funny you should ask. They have 12 rotating taps, where we will set up tastings of local brews for you, and over 350 bottles and cans that you can pick up for the ride. They’re good people and we’re lucky to offer them on the tour.

We have a wide variety of stories for you today: Does brewing your own beer save you Money? The Center for Disease Control has released a “how-to-survive a wedding” guide. Check out what the athletes are wearing to the Olympics and a few other stories as well.


via Business Insider

Does Home Brewing Save Money?

It turns out that home brewing on average, saves you about $62 a year. Not bad. I do a lot of DIY activities, not all of them have been successful or safe. Here’s a list of a few.

  • Purify your own water.
  • Composting.
  • Jewelry making.
  • Grow your own vegetables.
  • Make your own clothes.
  • Make your own Movies. Rom-Com’s are preferred.
  • Home government. Totalitarian regime is preferred.
  • Make your own car. Safety not guaranteed.
  • Chia pet.


These are just a few examples of all of the home projects I’ve tried.


via NPR

CDC Now Offers a Guide to Surviving Your Wedding

I have a wedding coming up, this is no joke. I have very few requirements, which include having craft beer present, hosting the reception somewhere that stays open late, and that there is at least one use of a helicopter. I’m not going to give away how we plan to use it, just in case you are planning on attending, and if you are, I recommend you bring your own gas mask. It’s gonna get wild!


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Here’s a Look at What the Olympians are Wearing

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I have a strong respect for the athletes in the olympics and a healthy admiration for how beautiful all of them are. That being said, why do we put them in clothes at all? I say let them strut naked like the olympians of old, showcasing what immaculate bodies they have crafted of themselves. Now, I don’t feel the same way about the famously less fun Winter Olympics, but for now, I vote for the “let it all hang out” approach to the XXX Olympiad.


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Tip: How to Tell if Your Propane Tank is Empty

I can give you a laundry list of ways NOT to test if your propane tank is empty. First place? Take your tank into a small place, like a bathroom or a small car, open the valve and wait for a little while. If you can still breathe after 10 minutes it means it’s empty. That just wasn’t a good idea. Made for a very interesting nap. This video tip is actually neat, and very safe.

Los Angeles

via Brigham Yen

Church & State Owners Opening New Spot

One of the best restaurants in Downtown LA is making plans to open up a new French restaurant, called Spring, next year and we can’t wait. If you haven’t been to Church & State yet, you should make a point of it. It’s located in the SouthEast corner of downtown across from The Little Bear, which if you’re reading this you have probably been to. Check it out. Get their fries. It will all be worth it.


The LABH Daily – July 2

We changed the name, because, and let’s be honest here, in the morning the biggest news in booze is the size of your hangover. Happy 4th of July week! There are events going on all over the southland with fireworks, burgers, and beers to be enjoyed. So pull up a lawn chair, and enjoy yourself as the days start to get warmer and the nights start to get hotter. 

In directly related LA Beer Hop news: Reservations are going to open up on Monday July 9th, so get your datebooks ready.


via Bon Appetit

12 Rules for Summer Drinking

Here are my 12 rules for summer drinking:

  1. Do it with beers.
  2. Do it in the sun.
  3. Do it with as many friends as possible.
  4. Do it while drinking water.
  5. Do it while barbecuing meat. Beef is preferred.
  6. Do it while playing a lazy man’s sport. Wiffle Ball is preferred.
  7. Do it while listening to summer music. Sam Cooke is preferred.
  8. Do it as close to a pool/lake/river/ocean as possible.
  9. Do it with a water balloon toss.
  10. Do it long into the evening.
  11. Do it with sparklers.
  12. Do it often.

For a more complete list of things to drink and how to drink them. Check out the article at Bon Appetit.


via Los Angeles Magazine

Best Places in LA to Watch Fireworks

Fourth of July is coming up, and maybe your plans include going over to your Uncle’s house to watch him get drunk and light off some of those fireworks that he brought back from Mexico along with a wife and prize Marlin that he caught. But in case you don’t want to see your Uncle Steve blow his hand off and curse the country that he got the fireworks, wife and Marlin from, you should go check out one of these places that will feature a wonderful light show that will most certainly have less profanity, tears, and hospital calls.

Local Beer

via LA Times

Strand Brewing is Hitting Stride

It’s no easy feat to get a brewery up and running. In a down economy. In Los Angeles. Without any money. In fact, it’s nearly impossible, and that’s why the guys at the Strand Brewery don’t recommend doing it. But after 3 years, they are turning profitable and gaining some significant tap-time at bars all across LA. Want to check out their brewery, you can read the article or you can just come on one of our Beach Cities Tours.


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Europe’s Now Drinking US Beer

After nearly single-handedly winning WWII for Europe, I didn’t think there was much else we could do for them, but apparently we can still do more. Like sell them some of the world’s best beer.


via LA Times

Rage Against the Wal-Mart

Los Angeles, surprisingly, has been Wal-Mart free with only one outpost located in Crenshaw just south of the 105. However, new plans have been drafter to put one smack in the middle of the city in what is (sort of) Chinatown on the corner of Grand and Cesar Chavez. The proposal includes a 33,000 square foot, single story Wal-Mart to be built to service the needs of the people of downtown. The problem? No one wants it. On Saturday, thousands gathered, including community organize and former of Rage Against the Machine frontman, Tom Morello, to protest the Wal-Mark for unflinchingly employing cutthroat wages, terrible healthcare options, and a refusal to let employees unionize.