Bill Murray is Coming To Party – August 6

This morning, the website posted a story that sent tingles through every party-goers spine in America. Bill Murray is going on tour. Not a comedy tour, not a musical tour. A party tour.

Bill Murray is famous for many things, including crashing parties. Not hollywood parties. Your party. He’s also famous for a series of urban legends called “No One Will Ever Believe You”. You should look into that.

Today, it was announced that he is going on a formal party tour of the country. Dropping in on anyone who invites him, given that they meet a few stipulations. The party should probably include drinking and karaoke, and you must have a sign that says “Bill Murray Can Crash Here”. If your party fits those guidelines, the website has given a 24-Hour Bill Murray Party hotline that you can call to register your party.

Now, I understand that this is coming from a comedy news site, and the number they list is to the Westboro Baptist Church (famous for “hating fags”).

That being said, I am not one to let an opportunity like this go by the wayside. I am formally announcing a special tour for Monday, August 6, the day that Mr. Murray (aka Kaiser Soze) will be in Los Angeles according to his calendar. We will be doing a tour of Central Los Angeles, stopping at 3 locations, and ending at a Karaoke Bar. Details, of course are yet to be hammered out, and Mr. Murray’s attendance is questionable, but we will have a banner on the side of the bus that reads “Bill Murray Can Crash Here”, so he will at least know.

Half of the proceeds will be donated to Saint Vincent’s Healthcare, a charity supported Bill Murray.

Date: Monday, August 6.

Time: Starting at 7:00pm

Price: $75

Place: TBA

How to Reserve: Email

More details and confirmation to come.

What’s On Tap – Week of 6/11

Students are letting out all over the country, Father’s Day is approaching, and the King’s are in the Cup. Here’s what’s coming up for the week of June 11th, 2012.

Monday – June 11th

Go, Kings, Go! 

Head to any local bar and pour one down to cheer on your local men’s figure skating champions.


Tuesday – June 12th

Angel City Brewery’s Test Brew B is Being Served

The long shuttered Angel City Brewery is back in action under new owner Alchemy & Science, run by longtime beer veteran Alan Newman. Brewmaster Dieter Foerstner came from Gordon Biersch to brew for the Downtown LA based brewery. They’re soft-serving their new beer “Test Brew B” at select locations Downtown including Spitz and Weiland Brewery.


Wednesday – June 13th

Eagle Rock @ Beer Belly 

or Stone @ Far Bar 

You’ve got two choices for tap takeovers: you can make your way into Koreatown for Beer Belly‘s “One Night Stand” with Eagle Rock Brewery or you venture Downtown for a Stone takeover at Far Bar, which includes a keg of Stone’s Ruination 10th Anniversary and Mixtape Vol. 1. Can’t go wrong either way.


Thursday – June 14th

Hangar 24 @ Mohawk Bend

Promising more rarities and special brews, Thursday is a great day to head to Mohawk Bend for their Hangar 24 night. They have yet to announce a taplist, but really, anything you try will be worth the trip to the always delicious Mohawk Bend.


Friday – June 15th

Taps Brewery @ Sunset Beer Co

Over in Echo Park, Sunset Beer Co is hosting a Taps Brewery Night. No taplist to be found yet, but stay tuned.


Saturday – June 16th

Bikes, Brunch, Beer! The B3 Charity Bike Ride! 

What could be better on a Saturday afternoon in mid-June than riding your bike to three of the best beer spots in Los Angeles? Maybe being shuttled around in an air conditioned bus, but that’s beyond the point.

On Saturday, you can bike and drink for charity! The B3 Ride charity bike tour will support the Pablove Foundation and will take you from Tony’s Darts Away, stop at Golden Road Brewing, and finish at Mohawk Bend, with each stop offering brunch and beverages.

38 Degrees Three Year Anniversary

Go support a LA craft beer institution and drink some fine barrel-aged beer at the 38 Degrees 3rd Anniversary Barrel Aged Beer Festival on Saturday. Just being open for three years makes them worthy enough of recognition, but 38 Degrees, and owner Clay Harding, have been doing it right for that long. 

Starting at 1:00pm on Saturday, they’ll have 25 barrel-aged beers on tap and plenty of other options.


Sunday – June 17th

Rock and Brews Craft Beer Fest

There’s no better way to tell your Father how much he means to you than telling him after you’ve both had a full day of drinking.

If a tearful drunken embrace sounds like fun to you, or if you just want to go to one place and try a whole bunch of local craft beers, you should buy tickets NOW for the Rock and Brews 2nd Annual Local Craft Beer Festival.

Cost: $50

What you get: Admission at 11:00am, 8 beer pours, complimentary buffet, event glass, memories.

Pints for Puppies

Drinking can improve a lot of things. Your courage, the attractiveness of the girl across the bar, your crippling depression, but on Tuesday, June 6th every beer you drink can make an actually worthwhile difference for the Beagle Freedom Project.

From 6:00-11:00pm on Tuesday June 6th, The Pub at Golden Road is hosting a project for the Beagle Freedom Project. Golden Road is donating 25% of all Vegan Food sales along with $3.00 for every 6-pack of their Point the Way IPA and Hefeweizen sold.

Golden Road Brewing is located at 5410 W. San Fernando Road in Atwater Village. Look for more fundraisers and events from them!