The News in Booze – 6/27


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Miller Time meets Hammer Time

In a marketing effort to lure the beer drinking crowd of 1984, Miller has created a new way to carry a pack of beers. Walking into a party holding these beers you’ll go from b-boy to beer-boy. It’s actually a set of three 6-packs, put together to look like a boombox, so to get the full effect, you actually have to purchase 3 six packs of Miller. You are under no obligation to actually drink the beers, and the fact that this case is only sold in Turkey, so you won’t even be tempted.


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Interview with New LA Local – Monkish Brewing Co.

Monkish Brewing Co. operating out of Torrance, and a proud member of our Beach Cities tour, speaks about what it’s like to start a new brewery in LA, the importance of drinking local, and Feminist beer.


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Flame On! List of First-Time Grills to Buy

Esquire has a nice, albeit expensive, short list of grills that are great for first-timer flamers. My first grill? Came in a bucket, no joke. Bucket Grill. It worked like a charm. My next grill was a Weber Smoky Joe for $29.99. THAT’S a first time grill. I still use it and it works like a charm.


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Bartender Top Me Off… With Frozen Beer Foam

It’s hot summer day. You can’t decide what will be more refreshing: An ice cold beer or a frozen yogurt. Decisions decisions. Well, thanks to the Japanese Brewing Company, Kirin, you can have both… if you want it. What their scientists did was create a frozen foam made entirely of beer to put on top of your beer. It will apparently keep the beer cold for up to 30 minutes without diluting it.


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The Go Plate: Getting Drunk Just Got Even Easier

Chips, burger, beer, burger, beer, shaking hands, chips, salsa, beer, cell phone. Ahh hell… it’s just to much to deal with. Why are parties soo hard? Why wasn’t I born with a third hand, shaped like a cup holder, that can exclusively deal with my beer? These are the problems of the modern day BBQ attendee. But now, thanks to the Go Plate (most boring name ever) all of your problems will be solved, and you’ll have entirely new ones to deal with. Like you’re wife asking you how you managed to drink 14 heinekens during a 3 hour party.