The LABH Daily – July 2

We changed the name, because, and let’s be honest here, in the morning the biggest news in booze is the size of your hangover. Happy 4th of July week! There are events going on all over the southland with fireworks, burgers, and beers to be enjoyed. So pull up a lawn chair, and enjoy yourself as the days start to get warmer and the nights start to get hotter. 

In directly related LA Beer Hop news: Reservations are going to open up on Monday July 9th, so get your datebooks ready.


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12 Rules for Summer Drinking

Here are my 12 rules for summer drinking:

  1. Do it with beers.
  2. Do it in the sun.
  3. Do it with as many friends as possible.
  4. Do it while drinking water.
  5. Do it while barbecuing meat. Beef is preferred.
  6. Do it while playing a lazy man’s sport. Wiffle Ball is preferred.
  7. Do it while listening to summer music. Sam Cooke is preferred.
  8. Do it as close to a pool/lake/river/ocean as possible.
  9. Do it with a water balloon toss.
  10. Do it long into the evening.
  11. Do it with sparklers.
  12. Do it often.

For a more complete list of things to drink and how to drink them. Check out the article at Bon Appetit.


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Best Places in LA to Watch Fireworks

Fourth of July is coming up, and maybe your plans include going over to your Uncle’s house to watch him get drunk and light off some of those fireworks that he brought back from Mexico along with a wife and prize Marlin that he caught. But in case you don’t want to see your Uncle Steve blow his hand off and curse the country that he got the fireworks, wife and Marlin from, you should go check out one of these places that will feature a wonderful light show that will most certainly have less profanity, tears, and hospital calls.

Local Beer

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Strand Brewing is Hitting Stride

It’s no easy feat to get a brewery up and running. In a down economy. In Los Angeles. Without any money. In fact, it’s nearly impossible, and that’s why the guys at the Strand Brewery don’t recommend doing it. But after 3 years, they are turning profitable and gaining some significant tap-time at bars all across LA. Want to check out their brewery, you can read the article or you can just come on one of our Beach Cities Tours.


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Europe’s Now Drinking US Beer

After nearly single-handedly winning WWII for Europe, I didn’t think there was much else we could do for them, but apparently we can still do more. Like sell them some of the world’s best beer.


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Rage Against the Wal-Mart

Los Angeles, surprisingly, has been Wal-Mart free with only one outpost located in Crenshaw just south of the 105. However, new plans have been drafter to put one smack in the middle of the city in what is (sort of) Chinatown on the corner of Grand and Cesar Chavez. The proposal includes a 33,000 square foot, single story Wal-Mart to be built to service the needs of the people of downtown. The problem? No one wants it. On Saturday, thousands gathered, including community organize and former of Rage Against the Machine frontman, Tom Morello, to protest the Wal-Mark for unflinchingly employing cutthroat wages, terrible healthcare options, and a refusal to let employees unionize.

The News in Booze – 6/28

“The Best Burger in the Country” can be found in LA – here are 12 burgers better than it, a Southern California News in Brews Roundup, the 50 Best Beers in America, and an explanation of Obamacare, because, hey, we should all know about it.


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12 Burgers Better than “The Best”

National Geographic recently named the best burgers in America, bestowing the crown upon the LA establishment The Apple Pan. Now, what business does Nat Geo have rating burgers? I’ll believe them if they tell me that a cheetah is the #1 animal, because it is. But, regardless of their qualifications, their list of the top 10 (which includes many CA natives) is causing quite a stir. LAist offers a list of LA’s 12 burgers than can easily best the burger at The Apple Pan.


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The Best News in LA Brews

For a complete roundup of all that’s going on in the LA craft beer scene, come on an LA Beer Hop tour! Or check out this roundup of stories from around our fair city, including a new brew from Eagle Rock, Angel City’s return to the scene, and Golden Road’s continued expansion.


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The 50 Best Beers of 2012

Now, while this list is deeply lacking in LA beers, the great state of CA is highly represented. The list, which was decided by the votes of 16,000+ homebrewers, has a fairly wide variety of tastes within it, from Breakfast Stouts to the much more prevalent CA IPA.


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Explaining What Happened to Obamacare Today

This morning, 5-4 Supreme Court justices said “the US should be more like Canada”, or something to that effect, and upheld Obama’s long rallied for Affordable Healthcare Act. Romney is pissed. Obama is happy. Americans are like “what?”. So here’s a pretty good explanation of what happened today and what it means for the rest of your life.


via NY Daily News, Fox News, LAist, and Geekologie

Big Day for Booze-Fueled Lawbreakers

Annnnnnd… here’s a link to Beauty and the BEAT! because I still think it’s hilarious.

The News in Booze – 6/27


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Miller Time meets Hammer Time

In a marketing effort to lure the beer drinking crowd of 1984, Miller has created a new way to carry a pack of beers. Walking into a party holding these beers you’ll go from b-boy to beer-boy. It’s actually a set of three 6-packs, put together to look like a boombox, so to get the full effect, you actually have to purchase 3 six packs of Miller. You are under no obligation to actually drink the beers, and the fact that this case is only sold in Turkey, so you won’t even be tempted.


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Interview with New LA Local – Monkish Brewing Co.

Monkish Brewing Co. operating out of Torrance, and a proud member of our Beach Cities tour, speaks about what it’s like to start a new brewery in LA, the importance of drinking local, and Feminist beer.


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Flame On! List of First-Time Grills to Buy

Esquire has a nice, albeit expensive, short list of grills that are great for first-timer flamers. My first grill? Came in a bucket, no joke. Bucket Grill. It worked like a charm. My next grill was a Weber Smoky Joe for $29.99. THAT’S a first time grill. I still use it and it works like a charm.


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Bartender Top Me Off… With Frozen Beer Foam

It’s hot summer day. You can’t decide what will be more refreshing: An ice cold beer or a frozen yogurt. Decisions decisions. Well, thanks to the Japanese Brewing Company, Kirin, you can have both… if you want it. What their scientists did was create a frozen foam made entirely of beer to put on top of your beer. It will apparently keep the beer cold for up to 30 minutes without diluting it.


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The Go Plate: Getting Drunk Just Got Even Easier

Chips, burger, beer, burger, beer, shaking hands, chips, salsa, beer, cell phone. Ahh hell… it’s just to much to deal with. Why are parties soo hard? Why wasn’t I born with a third hand, shaped like a cup holder, that can exclusively deal with my beer? These are the problems of the modern day BBQ attendee. But now, thanks to the Go Plate (most boring name ever) all of your problems will be solved, and you’ll have entirely new ones to deal with. Like you’re wife asking you how you managed to drink 14 heinekens during a 3 hour party.

The News in Booze – 6/21

We got stories on Belgians, Michelle Pfeiffer doing something hot, Cake-eaters, and how to buy a part of Hawaii.


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Top 5 Belgian IPAs

LA Weekly has a list of their top 5 Belgian IPAs. I also have a list of my top 5 Belgians: Tintin, Charlemagne, Audrey Hepburn, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Dr. Evil. All Belgian, all great. Check back in a week to see if that list changes, because I have a pretty quickly rotating list of favorite Belgians.

Pop Culture

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Watch Michelle Pfeiffer Play Beer Pong

In her most attractive public appearance since Hairspray, here is the incomparable Michelle Pfeiffer playing beer pong against Jimmy Fallon. Pfeiffer knocks it back like a boss, making the entire fraternity world stop in it’s tracks, while Jimmy just comes off as a pandering fool, so basically both celebs are doing what they do best.

Los Angeles

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Think You’re A Cake Boss?

Think you can trump the Ace of Cakes? Put your baking to the test in this new Build-a-Cake shop on Melrose. Step in the door and you’ll be knee deep in cake mix, fondant, edible spray paint and sprinkles and on your way to cake stardom. Think of it as a Color Me Mine that you can eat.


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Oracle CEO Buys Most of a Hawaiian Island

In what is clearly an effort to beat me to an item on my bucket list, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, has purchased 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai. What’s the 2% that he didn’t buy? A Pinkberry. That guy hates fro-yo.


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Roundup of Newspaper Food Stories

LA Weekly has a great roundup of the best newspaper food stories from across the country. Highlights include: the significance of the soy sauce dispenser, an explanation of Greek Yogurt’s greatness, and how to fit 10,000 calories into your diet – be an olympian.

The News in Booze – 6/20

There’s a Beer Canning Craze going on, got a baby – grab a beer, food events in LA this weekend, and summer camp options for adults are some of the stories that we’ve got today.


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Summer Camp for Adults

Is it weird to go to camp as an adult? Or are you fully justified to want your own Wet Hot American Summer? However you see it, there are over 800 “adult camps” across the country. Options range from surf camps in California, to Space Camp in Alabama, to a Zombie Survival Camp in New Jersey. They should think about opening the much more realistic and much more terrifying Jersey Shore Survival Camp in New Jersey.


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The Sounds of Summer

Every Summer has a soundtrack, a few songs that you hear on every radio station, at every pool party, and beach boogey. And each song provides a nostalgic backdrop for the summer that you hear it a million times. Some Summers are filled with beach ready party tunes (1998: Venga Boys – We Like To Party) and others strike a more serious note (1987: U2 – With Or Without You). Check out the full list of the “Songs of the Summers” from 1962-2012.


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Top 5 Weekend Food Events in LA

Rib-eye steak and an Imperial IPA. Fish sticks and PBR. Captain Crunch and a Breakfast Stout. There are beer pairings for every meal, and coming up this weekend, the fine folks over at The Federal Bar are hosting a dinner to show you some of their favorites. Also coming up this weekend, The Tam O’Shanter celebrates it’s 90th anniversary in Atwater Village, KCRW has a dinner date at the beer heaven Haven Gastropub in Pasadena, Mixology101 hosts 2 cocktail classes, and the Restaurant Opportunities Center is having a happy hour for charity!


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Knocked Up? Feel Free to Knock Back a Beer

A new study by clearly alcoholic Danish scientists has found that drinking during pregnancy will not disrupt the development of your child in the womb. The study goes on to say that a few drinks per week is fine and that binge drinking won’t even do anything negative. This study adheres to the old Danish saying “you were drunk when you got pregnant, might as well stay that way while you are pregnant… amiright?”


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The Beer Canning Craze

Wall Street is taking note that Americans are back to buying beer in cans again. For a brief period in the last decade, beer was predominantly sold in bottles and on draft, but as of recent years, our preference has switched back to cans. This can be attributed to one of a few things: the hip undying affection of PBR, the realization that it’s safer to crush cans on your head than bottles, or Golden Road Brewery and their beautiful big cans.

The News in Booze – 6/14


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China Chooses Beer Fest Over First IndyCar Race

Officials in China, having double booked a date in August, chose to keep a Beer Festival over China’s first IndyCar race. Chalk it up as a Win for beer.


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Bike with Booze & Style

Bon Appetit gives us a roundup of 5 different ways to carry booze on your bicycle. Put them all together and you can carry a six-pack, a bottle of wine, a flask, a tall boy, and a growler. And you should probably be wearing a helmet.


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Young Scientists Find Way to Chill Beer Really Quickly

It’s called the “Cooper Cooler” and it can chill a beer in 1 minute. That’s still slower than I drink them so… better keep innovating.


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Beer That YOU’LL Knock Out

Rugby fans are a big demographic so the Salta beer company has devised a new marketing program to tackle that market.


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These Guys are Playing Hide the Pickle… in your Beer

The brewers at Dogfish Head are teaming up with local picklers, Brooklyn Brine, to create the Hop Pickle, a beer soaked pickle. The WSJ has the story in photos.