NEW TOUR! Pizza and Beer Tasting

We’ve got a new private beer tour that we’re ready to unleash on the public of Los Angeles: Pizza & Beer Tasting!

The tour begins when we pick your party up at the location of your choice – home, work, church, etc… from there we’ll take you into the heart of Echo Park where we will begin our gastronomic adventure through the greasy wonders of pizza and the bitter edges of beer. Here begins the 3 step process.

Step 1. Make your Pizza. We enter the Los Angeles Pizza Company where you will make your own pizza. Physically. Toss the dough, lay the sauce, pick your cheese, add some garlic, some bacon, some goat cheese, some basil, some more bacon… If you’re a bit lost, you can pick from an assortment of culinary delights they already have on their menu (we recommend the “Hawaiian Gardens”). After that, they’ll toss the pizzas in the oven and we will proceed to:

Step 2. Pick out Beers. Next door, at Sunset Beer Co. there is an innumerable amount of bottled beer to choose from and a few on tap as well, but luckily for you there’s a beer guide on hand to help you select the perfect beer pairing for your pie. Maybe you want a nice, hoppy IPA to cut through that blue cheese you threw on your zah. Or maybe a smoked ale to complement the gouda and cashew nuts that you so delicately applied. There’s no wrong choice to be made and we’ll be there to help you find the perfect beer for your palate.

Step 3. Enjoy it all. The pizzas will be served piping hot and the beers cold and fresh.

Available all week long. All Pizza & Beer included in cost. Call or Email or check out Schedule Page for availability.

$5 Wed Night Bar Hop

For the best beer tour deal in LA, you should check out our $5 Wednesday Night Bar Hop. Here’s how it works:

On the first Wednesday of every month, we run our 15-passenger beer bus around to Mohawk Bend (Echo Park), Tony’s Darts Away (Burbank), and The Pub at Golden Road Brewing (Atwater Village) then back to Mohawk Bend. You get picked up by our beer bus at MOHAWK BEND at 8:00pm, then dropped off at the next bar where you will hang out and drink beer for an hour, then taken to the next bar, and so on until you arrive back at the bar you started at.  It’s like beer public transit.

For only $5, you get to go on a Los Angeles beer adventure and check out three of the greatest craft beer destinations in Los Angeles and you get $4 Golden Road Beer specials at each location.

You can drink on the bus if you like. Feel free to buy cans of delicious Golden Road Beer at the brewery, or you can bring your own beer and store it in our onboard cooler. You just can’t bring beers into the bars. With beers on board, that bus ride from Echo Park to Burbank doesn’t seem so far…

The bus starts running at 8:00pm with pickup at Mohawk Bend. From there, the bus will go to Tony’s Darts Away where guests will hang out for an hour, then Golden Road, then back to Mohawk Bend. You can follow us on twitter @labeerhop for info.

Space is limited to the first 15 people who reserve a spot. 

Email for reservations. We can accomodate any size group.

Los Angeles Mug Clubs

Normally, in the words of Groucho Marx, I don’t want to be a member of any club that would admit me, but in this case, I will gladly make an exception. Here is a short, but noble list of the mug clubs of Los Angeles.

“What is a mug club?” you scream at your computer. Well, I’ll tell you.

You pay a fee to drink beer.

“But that seems silly!” you scream into the darkness. Well, allow me to explain.

In exchange for this fee, you have ownership of a special mug that stays at the bar. This chalice is only yours and will only grace your lips. You’ll also receive discounts on beer, access to special beers, and get the ultimate “this is my bar” title, which totally trumps that guy who keeps holding up an iPhone saying “I’m the mayor, I’m the mayor.” That guy sucks, and you’re awesome.

Here is a list of the mug clubs that I know of. If you know of any others, post below.

Sunset Beer Co.

This wonderful craft beer store and taproom not only has a solid beer of the month program, but they have recently adopted a Mug Club as well.

  • No corkage on bottles….ever
  • $1 OFF on all tap beers
  • Get a custom, hand-carved (<– not true) Sunset Beer Co. 17oz mug
  • Membership is limited to 60 people in the first year
  • Hear about limited release beers before everyone else does
  • Cost: $70/person – $50 to renew

Franklin & Co. Tavern

Nestled into the small but powerful Franklin Village, the relative newcomer Franklin & Company has a quickly rotating taplist that supports local brews. In addition to their beer sharing wall, which is awesome, they have a mug club, which is awesome.

The details of the club are too numerous to share on this blog (it’s like The Skulls) so here is a link –> Franklin & Co. Mug Club

Eagle Rock Brewery

Yes, the Eagle Rock Brewery. They’ve got fresh beer, interesting beer, good beer, and they give tours of their facility. And I think their logo is really great. And they always have the best food trucks outside. And we go there on our tours. Is that enough? Well they have a mug club.

  • Exclusive access to release events and access to Member areas at special events.
  • A personalized Eagle Rock Brewery stein at the brewery!
  • Use of the stein when you come to the tasting room for refills at 15% off the cost of a pint. That’s more beer for less money!
  • Your membership will also get you 15% off bottled beers, growlers, and Eagle Rock Brewery merchandise.
  • Access to exclusive Mug Club Member events such as seasonal beer release parties and private tastings.
  • Priority invitations to special beer dinners.

Rockbottom Brewery

With locations all over this country, this mug club may give you the biggest beer for your buck. The LA branch is in Downtown Long Beach, walking distance from the ocean and to the metro Blue Line. I recommend taking one of those home after having a couple of mugs, here’s a hint – it’s blue.

  • Earn rewards every time you visit us.
  • Get invitations to exclusive parties like Brewer’s Dinners, special beer tappings and other great brewery events.
  • Receive an electronic birthday card and special gift from us every year.
  • Drink from our special Mug Club mug, always waiting for you behind the bar.
  • Appreciate great beer in the company of fellow beer lovers.

Wolfcreek Brewing Company

These wonderful beer-slingers have locations in Calabasas and Santa Clarita and they have a mug club at both places. But Hal, I can’t drink in two places at once. Then try harder. Currently there is a 1 year wait at their Santa Clarita location, but the one in Calabasas is new, so the wait list is a lot shorter.

  • Initial fee is a $65.00 – Includes your mug, a “Painting Party” and the assistance of the lovely Linda Janzen to create the masterpiece.  Of course, some great appetizers and a couple of beers are included.
  • Mugs are 21 oz. and members get them filled for the pint price.
  • Members get discounts and pre-sale invitations to special events.
  • Annual “Mug Club Appreciation Month” gives weekly specials just to Mug Club Members
  • Mug Club Members look way cooler than everyone else since they are drinking out of their own personalized mug.
  • Mugs must be used at least once every three weeks to remain active.

So check out your local mug club and look for a follow up post about drinking programs. Not like AA. More like if you drink 100 Guiness in 100 days. 

Steve Nash, Hungover Cookbook, and New Beer Law in CA

Welcome to Monday everyone. We’ve got a big week coming up and by the end of it, we should be officially up and running to the public, the private and everything in between.

Today we have stories from all over, including a report on the new law that Governor Jerry Brown passed in California allowing brewers to ferment beer in barrels that have previously been used to distill spirits. We also have a video introducing Steve Nash to Los Angeles, a link to a “Hungover Cookbook”, IKEA Beer, an article about Obama and his beer tastes and finally how to host a Clambake.


via GrubStreet

Governor Jerry Brown Votes FOR Beer

Barrel-aged beer is a great thing. It’s a straightforward process, you put beer in a barrel and you get beer out, but some government types were trying to qualify what came out of the barrels as “spirits”. Fools. Thankfully, Gov. Brown put a stop to that by passing a bill that states beer aged in barrels is still beer. Hooray for logic. Hooray for beer.


via Bless This Stuff

The Hungover Cookbook

In the mornings that follow a night of heavy boozing, I treat myself to a three course meal. A bottle of gatorade. Followed by a second course of Advil and coffee. And I finish it all off with a big bowl of regret. This is the most that I can typically muster when I’m hungover. However, a new book has been published that will help you navigate those difficult times.


via Beer Search Party


The second I get out of Ikea, there is one thing I need, and it’s not meatballs. It’s beer. Don’t get me wrong, I still get the meatballs. I always get meatballs. But now, at least in Britain IKEA is going to start selling it’s own IKEA Brand beer in it’s marketplaces. I wonder if it comes in balsa wood?


via CBS News

Steve Nash Just Got Keystoned!

Welcome to Los Angeles Steve Nash! And in true Southern California fashion, our welcome party is a group of frat boys in an SUV drinking Keystone. The best part about this video? Nash looks as stoked as the guys giving him the beer.


via CNBC

Obama Drinks Bud Light, But Brews His Own Beer

Could Barack Obama be the first bi-partisan president? And by that I mean the two parties of cheap beer and craft beer. Who gives about real politics? Not this guy. Turns out Obama fancies the Joe Sixpack style of brew in public, while enjoying the finer points of homebrewed white house ale while at home. What I wouldn’t give to try the White House Honey Porter.


via Bon Appetit

How to Host a Clambake

Want to have a clambake but only have one pot? Fear not. Bon Appetit is serving up a handy little guide to hosting a clambake with limited resources. Check it out.

The LABH Daily – July 12

Looks like it’s gonna be another scorcher in Southern California today. How are we beating the heat? We sit in our bus all day long with the air conditioning set on MAX. In case you haven’t met our bus, her name is Sue, and she’s great. Check out her website.

The biggest news in Beer Hop biz is that we announced our Bill Murray Tour. It’s a beer tasting and karaoke singing tour that’s tentatively happening on Monday, August 6th. Email if you want to jump in on reservations.

Today we have stories from all over the web some of which may be questionably NSFW. Check em out.


via Uncrate

Build Your Own Waterpark

This is an inflatable waterpark that you can purchase, inflate yourself, and play on. The description offers “offers a curved bridge, a cliff, a slide, a mini-pond, long jump and high jump areas, a trampoline, a swing, a free floating catapult, an “action tower”, a ramp, a balance beam, and, of course, a podium”. I’m not sure if I’ve wanted anything more in my entire life.


via ESPN

Naked Olympians

If you’ve followed any of my earlier posts, there seems to be a fascination with the beautiful bodies of the athletes that compete in the Olympics. Today, ESPN has a series of photos depicting naked athletes. I’ll be honest, some of the photos may breach on awkward, but they are all beautiful and interesting and of people at the peak of physical perfection. For one of the more interesting additions, make sure to check out photo 20 of a jockey named Mike Smith.


via Fox News Latino

Worried About Bone Mass? Drink Beer!

Are you worried about bone mass? No, cause you’re not 88 years old and you’re not a scientist. And if you are worried about it, you should drink… heavily. Because that means you’re worrying too much. Chances are you’re also worrying about things like if you’re using the right juicer or that your multi-vitamin may not be doing as much as would you like it to. Either way, drinking beer can help create bone firmness. Drinking too much beer can lead to lack of bone firmness. You really got to find a perfect amount of beer for optimum bone firmness. See? I told you some of the stuff today was questionably NSFW.


via Gear Patrol

Eating Like Ironman

Honestly, I’m more interested in drinking like Ironman. Which consists of lots of whiskey and snarky comments. However, if you’re interested in eating like someone who is preparing for an Ironman check out this posting.

Local Events

via Bon Appetit

The LA Grub Crawl is Happening This Weekend!

Hey, LA Beer Hop, I’m looking for an event this weekend that combines all of the best food in Los Angeles with drinking and exploration. Well, I don’t know why you’re asking me, I just do beer tours, but here is my recommendation. The Bon Appetit Grub Crawl! Happening over 3 days this weekend, this culinary adventure is all about the food, some of which is the best in LA. From Coles downtown to Father’s Office, the grub crawl is offering special plates, beers, booze and an experience you’re not soon to forget. Bikini body be damned.

The LABH Daily – July 10

In tour news, we have added the Select Beer Store in Redondo Beach to our list of stops on the Beach Cities tour. What are we going there for? Ahh, funny you should ask. They have 12 rotating taps, where we will set up tastings of local brews for you, and over 350 bottles and cans that you can pick up for the ride. They’re good people and we’re lucky to offer them on the tour.

We have a wide variety of stories for you today: Does brewing your own beer save you Money? The Center for Disease Control has released a “how-to-survive a wedding” guide. Check out what the athletes are wearing to the Olympics and a few other stories as well.


via Business Insider

Does Home Brewing Save Money?

It turns out that home brewing on average, saves you about $62 a year. Not bad. I do a lot of DIY activities, not all of them have been successful or safe. Here’s a list of a few.

  • Purify your own water.
  • Composting.
  • Jewelry making.
  • Grow your own vegetables.
  • Make your own clothes.
  • Make your own Movies. Rom-Com’s are preferred.
  • Home government. Totalitarian regime is preferred.
  • Make your own car. Safety not guaranteed.
  • Chia pet.


These are just a few examples of all of the home projects I’ve tried.


via NPR

CDC Now Offers a Guide to Surviving Your Wedding

I have a wedding coming up, this is no joke. I have very few requirements, which include having craft beer present, hosting the reception somewhere that stays open late, and that there is at least one use of a helicopter. I’m not going to give away how we plan to use it, just in case you are planning on attending, and if you are, I recommend you bring your own gas mask. It’s gonna get wild!


via Valet

Here’s a Look at What the Olympians are Wearing

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I have a strong respect for the athletes in the olympics and a healthy admiration for how beautiful all of them are. That being said, why do we put them in clothes at all? I say let them strut naked like the olympians of old, showcasing what immaculate bodies they have crafted of themselves. Now, I don’t feel the same way about the famously less fun Winter Olympics, but for now, I vote for the “let it all hang out” approach to the XXX Olympiad.


via Chow

Tip: How to Tell if Your Propane Tank is Empty

I can give you a laundry list of ways NOT to test if your propane tank is empty. First place? Take your tank into a small place, like a bathroom or a small car, open the valve and wait for a little while. If you can still breathe after 10 minutes it means it’s empty. That just wasn’t a good idea. Made for a very interesting nap. This video tip is actually neat, and very safe.

Los Angeles

via Brigham Yen

Church & State Owners Opening New Spot

One of the best restaurants in Downtown LA is making plans to open up a new French restaurant, called Spring, next year and we can’t wait. If you haven’t been to Church & State yet, you should make a point of it. It’s located in the SouthEast corner of downtown across from The Little Bear, which if you’re reading this you have probably been to. Check it out. Get their fries. It will all be worth it.


The LABH Daily – July 9

After enjoying the long, cool Southern California weekend it looks as though the heatwave is finally setting down upon us. So grab a pint, an ice chest, and turn up your AC cause we’re in for a hot, hot summer.

In case you’re following the blog looking for updates on when we are going to start offering tours, here’s your update – soon. We’re waiting on a few things until we formally launch. But stay tuned cause it’s going to happen any day now.

Today’s stories include relief that Coachella will stay in the desert, you’re guide to a sex and drug-filled Olympic games (hint: you have to be competing to participate), and two new uses for beer – slug killing and designer jean creation, and a full rundown of what all the presidents ate.


via The Wrap

Coachella Will Stay in Indio

For some reason, Indio councilmember Ascension ‘Sam’ Torres (real name) thought it would be a good idea to try and tax the ticketholders of the now world famous dirt and music festival that is Coachella. Bad idea. Let’s be honest, the only other thing Indio has going for it is that they’re “#3 in meth production”, so it’s not wise to try and threaten one of the biggest reason’s your desert is still a town.


via Mid-Day

Olympic Village is Hotbed of Sexual Activity

In news that is shocking to no one, it turns out that when you gather the world’s finest athletic specimens, put them in confined spaces, and give them free time, they’ll drink alcohol and have sex with each other. These are people who have to burn 12,000 calories a day  and if evolution as taught us anything, it’s that beautiful, perfect physical specimens will mate and form more beautiful physical specimens. Now, who wants to go with me and pretend to be part of the olympic ping-pong team?


via Joe and SCPR

Killing Slugs and Making Jeans with Beer

  • Here is an article about how to kill slugs in the most humane way possible – with beer, which they apparently love.
  • Here is an article about how fancy people are grinding up beer bottles to make fancy jeans.

Global Beer

via NY Times Travel

London Likes Craft Beer Too

Planning a trip overseas and worrying about finding somewhere to drink? No, because everyone knows that there is literally somewhere to drink on every street in Europe. That’s why they’re winning the war. What war? The war on sobriety. That’s a war? Yes, and America is losing, so start drinking for you country. Now you’re a damned patriot. Read this article to see what London is doing about craft beer.


via The Awl

What The Presidents Ate

Well, here’s a list of all of the President’s favorite foods. It’s great. One president ate Baked Possum, many of them enjoyed chipped beef, and turtle steak shows up. Obama, Clinton and George HW Bush ate pretty well, but George W’s menu looks like it was devised by a bored second grader.

The LABH Daily – July 3

Happy third of July to America the booze-iful. Hope everyone’s plans for tomorrow involve plenty of local craft beer, fireworks, flags and food. In preparation for the 4th and the festivities that follow we’ve included stories about grilling, booze-filled desserts, and fireworks gone hilarious, also a quick bite about how to make pizza cones, because nothing says American like deliciously bastardizing a traditional food into something that should be served at a carnival.


via Bon Appetit

10 Commandments of Grilling

Here are my 11 Commandments of Grilling:

  1. Have a beer in your hand.
  2. Be drunk enough not to worry if you’re doing it wrong.
  3. Don’t be too drunk to do it right.
  4. Gas is for wimps.
  5. Grill various meats. Beef is preferred.
  6. Grill various vegetables. Corn is preferred.
  7. Grill various fruits. Peaches are preferred.
  8. Don’t be a jerk if someone tells you how to grill.
  9. Never tell another man how to grill.
  10. If you need a flashlight, you better be wearing it on your head.
  11. When ready, inform guests by doing something loud. Ringing a bell or firing a gun are preferred.

For a list of commandments by a professional, check out our link.


via Devour

Best Fireworks Fail Video

Here’s a video showing what is exactly right about America and the 4th of July. You have never seen a collection of people who more creatively blow themselves up with fireworks and do it with such conviction and determination. The American dream has never been a house, a job, some kids, and enough money to support all of that. The real American dream has always been to blow stuff up. So check out a link to see people exploding fireworks into themselves. For a video of people exploding fireworks OUT OF themselves, you can check out Katy Perry’s Fireworks music video here.

Pop Culture

via NY Daily News

Pregnant Snooki Buys Beer

In true Jersey fashion, for a pre-fourth of July party, a group of fit adult men send out a pregnant woman to fetch beer and soda for the festivities. That’s not shocking, we all know and have seen firsthand, far worse acts of culture and decorum. That aside, this picture is still truly shocking – Who the hell drinks Pepsi? These people truly are the worst.


via Time

One Beer to Rule Them All…

Anheuser-Busch InBev, a Belgium Based Beverage Business, just announced they are going to purchase Grupo Modelo to become the world’s biggest beer supplier. But, while one beer company may literally own most of the beers sold in the world, they still don’t own our hearts.


via BuzzFeed

Let them Eat Cake… and get Drunk

Ever wondered how you can bake AND raise your blood alcohol content? Well, buzzfeed has compiled a collection of recipes that can do just that. Typically when I want to eat my booze I dip white bread into whiskey, I call it a whiskey sandwich and it’s gotten me through some difficult times. Skipped dinner and need to get ready fast? Whiskey sandwich. Grandma died and it’s lunchtime? Whiskey sandwich. About to get in a barfight? Knuckle sandwich followed by a whiskey sandwich.

Useless Items

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How to Make a Pizza Cone

Ever thought to yourself, damn, if only pizza was a food that I could eat on the run. No, you’ve never thought that because pizza is a food that you can eat on the run. That’s why they serve it on street corners. Ever seen someone serve a Steak on a street corner? Yes? It was probably disgusting. It was steak on a stick? Ok. Well, for people who really want mobile pizza, or just can’t decide between pizza and a calzone, now there’s this – The pizza cone.