Opened in 2016, Zymurgy Brew Works is a full beer experience. The have a tasting room, they brew on site, and in an interesting twist, YOU brew on site. They’re a completely DIY brewery. And not in a Mr. Beer disposable kit kind of a way. They have top-tier equipment at their location and professional brewers to walk you through the process of brewing a 15 gallon batch of whatever beer you can come up with (see “Mamma Mia” a pizza beer brewed with Oregano, Basil, Tomato and Garlic). The pros at Zymurgy take care of every step from milling to fermenting to bottling and you can have as much hands on time with your beer as you want.

Don’t want to brew? They have a taproom onsite for you to try the professionally made brews and some of the better DIY batches that have made it to the “Big Show”.

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