Monrovia’s first independently-owned craft brewery, Pacific Plate Brewing Company uses time-honored techniques in innovative ways to brew unique yet traditional craft beer. The brewery sits along the Ring of Fire on the largest tectonic plate on Earth, separating the brewery from the rest of North America by the San Andreas Fault. Pacific Plate takes inspiration from this prodigious natural phenomenon, utilizing ingredients and flavors from around the world to produce award-winning beer. With 16 taps and a varied repertoire, there’s always something great on tap, like our Mango and Guava fruit IPAs inspired by aguas frescas, our award-winning Shock Wave Kölsch, and the flagship Horchata Stout, with cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa.

A favorite: Cardamom Ginger Saison – a delightful twist on the classic saison style, they add fresh ground ginger and Guatemalan Cardamom.

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