Bill Murray is Coming To Party – August 6

This morning, the website posted a story that sent tingles through every party-goers spine in America. Bill Murray is going on tour. Not a comedy tour, not a musical tour. A party tour. Bill Murray is famous for many things, including crashing parties. Not hollywood... Read More

The LABH Daily – July 10

In tour news, we have added the Select Beer Store in Redondo Beach to our list of stops on the Beach Cities tour. What are we going there for? Ahh, funny you should ask. They have 12 rotating taps, where we will set up tastings of... Read More

LA Praised For Public Transit

The L.A. Times just published an article (click here for link) making the argument that Los Angeles is the most "forward-thinking" public transit in the world. Now, I love public transit. I take the metro daily. I utilize the bus system when I need... Read More

The LABH Daily – July 9

After enjoying the long, cool Southern California weekend it looks as though the heatwave is finally setting down upon us. So grab a pint, an ice chest, and turn up your AC cause we're in for a hot, hot summer. In case you're following... Read More

The LABH Daily – July 6

We did our first test run last night and it went off without a hitch! We took a private group of friends and family to Monkish Brewing, The Strand Brewing, and Beachwood BBQ and Brewery and each placed served up a whole bunch of... Read More

The LABH Daily – July 3

Happy third of July to America the booze-iful. Hope everyone's plans for tomorrow involve plenty of local craft beer, fireworks, flags and food. In preparation for the 4th and the festivities that follow we've included stories about grilling, booze-filled desserts, and fireworks gone hilarious, also... Read More

The LABH Daily – July 2

We changed the name, because, and let's be honest here, in the morning the biggest news in booze is the size of your hangover. Happy 4th of July week! There are events going on all over the southland with fireworks, burgers, and beers to... Read More

The News in Booze – 6/28

"The Best Burger in the Country" can be found in LA - here are 12 burgers better than it, a Southern California News in Brews Roundup, the 50 Best Beers in America, and an explanation of Obamacare, because, hey, we should all know about it. Food... Read More

The News in Booze – 6/27

Beer via Geekologie Miller Time meets Hammer Time In a marketing effort to lure the beer drinking crowd of 1984, Miller has created a new way to carry a pack of beers. Walking into a party holding these beers you'll go from b-boy to... Read More

The News in Booze – 6/21

We got stories on Belgians, Michelle Pfeiffer doing something hot, Cake-eaters, and how to buy a part of Hawaii. Beer via LA Weekly Top 5 Belgian IPAs LA Weekly has a list of their top 5 Belgian IPAs. I also have a list of... Read More