Hal is a Certified Cicerone®!

Woot, woot! Our owner and Beer Guide Hal Mooney is now a Certified Cicerone®. What does that mean for you and for LA Beer Hop? A Cicerone is like a "sommelier", but instead of knowing everything about wine, a Certified Cicerone® knows everything about beer including beer... Read More

Los Angeles Represents at the Great American Beer Fest

It's award season! And we're happy to report that our hometown Los Angeles and Orange County breweries racked up a bunch of awards to bring home from the Great American Beer Fest in Denver, which is definitely The Oscars for breweries. Fewer tuxes, more beards. -... Read More

Golden Road Sold Out to Anheuser-Busch Inbev

Well, it's happened. Golden Road Brewery has now become, "Golden Road, a wholly owned property of 'Craft', the operating subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch, a global conglomerate partnership with Inbev" or some other junk like that. Golden Road sold out and now they're not ours anymore. It was announced this morning... Read More

Cheese & Beer Tour in October

It's back and it's cheesier than ever. We're doing our Cheese & Beer tour on October 10th and this time we're headed South. We're colloborating with the brilliant Vagabond Cheese Company to pair the excellent beers of the South Bay with an incredible variety of cheeses and bring... Read More

New Brewery Alert – Boomtown

The Arts District is booming. And the next brewery to open up knows it. They're called Boomtown Brewery and they're fantastic. Located in convenient walking distance to (soon to open) Arts District Brewing and Angel City, Boomtown Brewery is in good company. They're currently in... Read More

Friday Tours

We've added Friday public tours to our calendar! We've added Friday public tours to our calendar! South Bay, East & Central and Long Beach all starting at 6:00pm. That gives you just long enough for you to get off of work and come join us at... Read More

New Brewery Alert – Mumford

And so it begins, the great transformation of Downtown LA into a walkable wonderland of craft beer destinations, with the advent of Mumford Brewing in the Arts District. The best part? They're making good beer. Located in “Skid Rowkyo” - the part of Downtown that's smack in the... Read More

Father’s Day Gifts!

This Father's Day treat your old man to something you can enjoy together - A Beer Hop. All he wants to do is spend time with you. All you want to do is give him a gift to try and repay him for all of the... Read More

New Tour Alert – Greenbar Distillery

We're adding to our East & Central Tour! Which isn't crazy considering how much brewery growth there has been already in 2015. What is crazy is that it's not beer. It's liquor. Greenbar Organic Distillery has been crafting an insane array of liquor in... Read More

Crawl for Nepal

Of course you want to help Nepal, you're a good person who does good things for people, but you also want to enjoy your Saturday.  So the craft beer community of Los Angeles and Orange County is going to help you help others by hosting "Crawl 4... Read More