Cellador Ales – Berlinerish

Brewery: Cellador Ales Style: Berliner Weisse ABV: 4.4

The humble Berliner Weisse is one of my favorite beer styles when done correctly. It’s also one of the beer styles that is commonly done incorrectly. When it’s right, it’s airy, tart, refreshing and low alcohol and a great beer to pair with cured meats, sausage, or oysters. And when it’s wrong it’s aggressive, acidic, unbalanced and you can’t pair it with anything other than Tums. The Berlinerish from Cellador Ales is done very, very well. It’s complex, light, and has a pleasant tartness that would make your mouth water just enough to balance out any greasy appetizer that you choose to pair this with. Head up to the Cellador tasting room in North Hills and try it for yourself.