2016 Soul Foudre with Cherries

Brewery: Monkish Style: Bière de Garde with Cherries ABV: 7.6%

This is a mixed-fermentation Bière de Garde aged in an oak foudre for 16 months that was bottle conditioned with cherries in 2016 and consumed in 2018. What does that all mean?

  • Mixed-fermentation: a variety of yeast cultures were used.
  • Bière de Garde: a french beer style that translates to “beer for keeping”. It’s a farmhouse ale style that can be interpreted in as many ways as there are farmhouses in France. The typical guidelines are gold to light brown in color. 5-7% ABV. Usually malt-forward with clean flavors and smooth overall character.
  • Oak Foudre: BIG oak barrel.
  • Bottle Conditioned: Monkish packaged this beer with some living yeast and delicious cherries.
  • Consumed: I aged the beer carefully for 2 years prior to drinking it. I kept it dark and below 70 degrees in my cellar.