2015 Beer Hop Gift Guide

We love to give gifts as much as we love to receive them. But what’s really fun? Putting together gift guides for people who drink beer. So here it is: our 2015 Beer Lover’s Guide to Gifts.

Gifts to Drink Beer Better

Gifts for the Aspiring Beer Pro

Gifts Any Beer Geek Would Love

  • Want to wear beer geekiness on your sleeve? Buy them a Malt T-shirt: Marris Otter.
  • These hop posters are absolutely awesome: Buy All the Hop Posters
  • You can take them on the Ultimate Craft Beer Road Trip (and we’ll come too).
  • Instead of putting beer under the tree, you can hang it from the tree: Beer Ornament.
  • Just buy them beer, it’s always good. Call us at 323-928-2113 if you want local beer recommendations.

Good Gifts for Good People

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