About LA Beer Hop

Los Angeles is brewing great beer, but it’s also 500 square miles...

That’s where we come in.

LA Beer Hop does beer and brewery tours of Los Angeles, Orange County, and Long Beach. Exploring locations all over LA, we take you straight to all of the greatest brews this city has on tap. We offer public and private tours including East & Central LA and the South Bay. A perfect answer to what to do in Los Angeles, each tour features three destinations, where you will enjoy a guided beer tasting of all varieties of locally brewed craft beer. At least one destination per trip will offer a walkthrough of the brewing process so you can can become familiar with how beer goes from grain to gut.

A Little History

The Los Angeles beer scene has been slowly and quietly growing for many years, cultivating new breweries, beers and bars. In that time, the beer community that has evolved has reached a quality that rivals any other beer town. Los Angeles is now home to many award-winning beers, nationally acclaimed beer bars, and a whole culture of real beer craftsmen. LA Beer Hop was started by husband and wife Hal & Cindy Mooney because of a passion for craft beer and a love of public transportation. We're here to take you all over Los Angeles to the most fun places in the city with some of the best beers in the world. Look at us as your favorite designated driver, who can also give you great tips on what beers to drink. Our operating team is small. Hal runs the business and does tours, Cindy manages the merch and does tours, and Matt is our newest beer guide on staff. 

Our Bus

This 15-passenger beauty will drive you anywhere you want to go.

Our Vans

For our smaller tours of 10 people or less, we will take you out in one of our beer vans. Comfy, cozy and we share it with a local church. 


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